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King Julien learns that 99% of the lemurs love him, so he makes it his mission to find and convert his one "hater".



After launching his first ship, an old toilet in terrible condition, for the royal navy, named Old Porcelainsides, King Julien is told by Xixi durin a news briefing that only 99% of the lemurs in the kingdom approve of the job the new king is doing. King Julien feels crushed, and despite Maurice's attempts to comfort him and Clover's ideas to create a new law preventing public disaproval of the king, Julien sulks his way back to the plane. There, he tries to force Xixi, by using Masikura's tounge, to tell him which lemurs make up the 1% who doesn't like him. Xixi admits it is only one, but doesn't want to tell him since she has to protect her sources. Maurice attempts to cheer Julien up by creating a visual poll of the happy citizens, made by putting kumquats in a stick. When this does not work, King Julien decides that he should gather a group of lemurs to ask them what they think of the new king. However, Clover thinks that the 1% will start a revolution, and goes off to investigate.

After gathering the group of lemurs and asking them for the opinion on the new king, King Julien believes that Hector is the one who hates him. He decides to go to Hector's hut, and tries to convince Hector that he is a good king. But after accidentally burning Hector's match-stick statue, the king's approval rate drops to 83%.

That night, Clover informs King Julien that it wasn't Hector who was the original 1%, and, according to Xixi, he refused to even answer the question in the first place. With that, King Julien tries a new approach, being up front with his people. He gathers all the lemurs in the kingdom, with their children, and begins kissing their babies. That is, until Mort comes along and King Julien kisses him by accident. Disgusted, Julien kicks him. Thinking he kicked a baby, more people dislike King Julien. After a one-sided conversation with Amelia the skelaton, King Julien decides to give out free mangoes to everyone in the kingdom as "bribery". It works, until he runs out of mangoes and everyone starts climbing up the baobab tree for more. The branch cannot bear the weight of everyone on it, and falls. With the branch descending on a baby, King Julien quickly jumps down and picks up the baby before they are hit. When the kingdom realises he saved a baby, Julien wins the kingdom's approval once more.

In the end, King Julien loses interest in Clover's investigation, much to Clover's disappointment. Finally, Clover turns to Mort, who is desperately trying to remove his picture from her collection of evidence. Clover stops him, and says that during her investigation, all the clues pointed to Mort. She asks him why he said that he did not like King Julien. Mort says that he does not like King Julien because he loves him.

All Hail King Julien Episodes [Expand/Collapse]

Season 1

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Season 2

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Season 3

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Season 4

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Season 5

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