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One Sentence Summary

King Julien learns that 99% of the lemurs love him, so he makes it his mission to find and convert his one "hater."


After launching his first ship for the royal navy, the Old Porcelainsides, King Julien was told by Xixi that only over 99% of the lemurs in the kingdom approve the job the new King is doing. King Julien felt sad, and forced Xixi to tell him who is the 1% who doesn't like him as Xixi doesn't want to tell him since she has to protect her sources. So King Julien decided that he should gather a group of lemurs to ask them what they think of the new king, while Clover thinks that the 1% will start a revolution and went off to investigate. From gathering the lemurs to ask about the new king, King Julien learns that Hector is probably the 1% as he went to Hector's hut trying to convince Hector that he's a good king. But things turned the other way around when the result was only 83% of the lemurs approve King Julien instead of 99%. That night, Clover informs King Julien that it wasn't Hector who's the 1%, and according to Xixi, he refuses to answer the question in the first place. With that, King Julien decides to gather all the lemurs in the kingdom with their children so he can kiss the babies. That was until Mort came and King Julien kicked Mort away, causing more people to hate King Julien because he kicked a 'baby'. Soon, King Julien decided that he should give free mangoes to everyone in the kingdom, and it worked as it made everyone happy, until he was out of mangoes and everyone started climbing up the baobab tree which he was on top as the branch began to fall and was going to land on a lemur baby holding a mango. Seeing this, King Julien quickly jumped down and picked up the baby and the mango as everybody love him again for saving a baby. In the end, King Julien lost interest of Clover's investigation, as Clover was quite saddened by the fact. Clover then went to Mort who was looking at Clover's investigation and said that during her investigation, all the clues pointed to Mort, and she asked him why did he say that he doesn't like King Julien. Mort admits that he does not like King Julien because he loves him.


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