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The animals love being fed popcorn every day. But Alice notices this and bans people from feeding the animals, leading the penguins to go off in search of a new supply of their salty treat.


Zookeeper Alice notices that the visitors have been feeding all of the animals popcorn and plasters "don't feed the animal signs" all around the zoo. She states that all of the animals are on very strict diets.

Like the others, Marlene cannot live without popcorn so she calls a town meeting in the zoovenir shop. Skipper and King Julien declare that they will get popcorn.

The penguins are the first to find the storage shed that holds bags of popcorn. However when they drop a bag of popcorn on Mort, King Julien claims the bag. The lemurs and penguins bring a bag of popcorn kernels to the zoovenir shop, which they cut open triumphantly. However, the animals soon realize that in this form the popcorn isn't edible. Again, Skipper and Julien declare that they will get popcorn for everyone to have.

King Julien believes the popcorn kernels are eggs and must be hatched. Skipper and the other penguins attempt to interrogate the kernels. But during their interrogation they overhear Alice looking for the missing popcorn. Skipper and Private hide the popcorn in the furnace, as it's "the last place she'll ever look." Kowalski and Rico head topside to distract Alice. While they're putting on the "smile and wave routine" the popcorn in the furnace begins popping and showering the zoo.

Skipper and Private are sent flying by the popcorn explosion and land in Marlene's habitat, whom congratulates Skipper on a job well done. King Julien believes the popcorn rain is a reward from the "Salty Snack Gods." However, there is so much popcorn that the animals end up getting sick of it in the end.