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Prince Barty is the father of King Julien and the husband of Princess Julienne. He first appears in the episode O Captain My Captain prt 1 with his wife Julienne. They came because the mango supply they we're getting from Hector is no more so they came back to ask for their "monthy allowance" but find that their son is missing when King Julien comes back with Clover and Mort from the adventures with the Pirates King Julien meets them in between Dance, Dance, Resoulution and Love Gauntletthey start having emotions for Julien, even getting him a ''younger" brother Brodney, but they find out that Brodney is actually the new king because Brodney is older than Julien. After that issue is resolved they get trapped by Karland into the Love Gauntlet but they don't know any trivia about Julien and are about to die, but they do know the final question which is which is Julien’s favorite toy. After they know the correct question the love gauntlet explodes and they escape, but the Pirates are back and want to kill Julien, until Captain Ethan eventually dies by lava. After that, in Night Creatures they come and want to give Uncle King Julien the crown back, but they think to give Julien another chance and want to throw a party, but Julien has been drinking a lot of Gecko Milk. Everyone in the Julien line has that allergy, so they block him and turn him back to normal and see that Uncle king Julien has been giving Julien XIII Gecko milk, so Barty and Julienne give Uncle King Julien Gecko milk and trap him before he leaves.

Physical Appearance

He is tall but pudgy lemur with red eyes. He wears a tuxedo with a medal on it, symbolising his royalty.


Princess Julienne

He and his wife have a strong bond, as they both enjoy criticising “normal” lemurs.


Barty always refers to Maurice as "Mark", and treats him like a servant.

King Julien

He appears to be uncomfortable with his son at first, but in Love Gauntlet, he starts having a fatherly relationship with him and refers to him as "Old Sport".

Uncle King Julien

After learning from Uncle King Julien that Julien lost his kingdom to Koto and spent the entire budget on the war spanning, Prince Barty and Princess Julienne investigate it and brought his brother-in-law to King Julien, much to his dismay. After learning that his brother-in-law forcing his son to drink the Gecko milk to become the night creature, to make him to lose his throne, Barty becomes furious as he traps the bad lemur and yells at him:"Nobody poisons my son!". With this, Julien aggravatingly asks Mort to drink the bad lemur the Gecko Milk as a revenge for all of the trouble what he has endured, to which Mort carries it out as an order.