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Princess Julienne is the mother of King Julien, the wife of Prince Barty and the sister of Uncle King Julien. She first appears in the episode O Captain My Captain Part 1 with her husband Barty as their normal "monthly allowance" of mangoes haven't been sent to them because of the postponed mango harvest. When they arrive and Maurice tells them that their son has gone missing, she and Barty agree to help out the kingdom by blessing the mangoes in return for their allowance. But as she tastes the first mango to bless, she immediately spits it out, saying it tastes horrible. This causes a panic in the kingdom that the harvest is 'bad' and that "they're all gonna die". Seeing this, Julienne and Barty are able to calm them all by saying that as a substitute to the harvest blessing, all they needed was a sacrifice. This ends up with the entire kingdom trying to hunt down Ted who is second on the 'Sacrifice List', as Mort is away with Clover looking for King Julien at the moment.

In the episode after (Dance, Dance, Resolution) Julienne and Barty try to leave to get back home, away from Julien. They are stopped by Julien, who orders them to stay until they read him a bedtime story. The next day, Julien 'forces' his parents to spend time with him by doing activities normal families would do, like learning to ride a bike, playing catch, going on a see-saw, going on a swing, etc. That night, his parents tuck Julien into bed, and they seem to be starting to care for him. But as they walk out and start talking, it is revealed that they are only staying until they get their mangoes from "Mark" (Maurice).


Like her husband Prince Barty, she is snobbish, spoilt, annoying and sarcastic. However, she does have a strong bond with Prince Barty, and also learned to be motherly and kind towards Julien, her son.