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The Madagascar Penguins: Christmas Caper

  • He looks so sad.(talking about Ted the Polar Bear)
  • Skipper! (calling him while he's talking)
  • Ted the Polar Bear is all alone this holiday, and he seems so sad. Could we bring him a present to cheer him up?
  • Maybe we can go and get him something?
  • But no one should be sad and alone this christmas.
  • But Skipper?
  • Oh! That's perfect! Just the thing for a sad polar bear!
  • Skipper! (seeing him, Kowalski,and Rico)
  • Nice doggy! Good doggy! Don't eat me now! Now, good boy! Don't eat me! (screams)
  • Oh, Skipper!
  • Help me guys! (when stuck on top of the christmas tree)
  • Don't eat me! (screams as he's stuck in the turkey and running)
  • Thanks for rescuing me, Skipper.
  • What does deep fried and bisquick have to do with any of this?
  • Poor Ted. He's all alone on Christmas, with no one to swim with.


  • And me, Skipper?
  • We're digging to Antartica. (talking to Marty, then gets slapped by Skipper)
  • Its no good, Skipper. I don't know the code.
  • I did it!
  • Well this sucks. (when they didn't like Antarctica)
  • Come and get it! (to the Fossa)
  • Skipper? Don't you think we should tell them that the boat's out of gas?

Merry Madagascar

  • You are the most beautiful reindeer I have ever seen. (to Cupid)
  • Viva Las Vegas!
  • Skipper, look! (seeing New York City)
  • We always have Madagascar. (to Cupid while Santa is flying away)
  • Brace for impact!

Madagascar Escape 2 Africa

  • I like that one. That's a good one. (about the jeep)
  • I haven't seen them since yesterday, sir.
  • Darn you Darwin!
  • I love this song.
  • Can I kiss the bride, Skipper? (asking Skipper if he can kiss his bride, Skipper slaps him and says "No".)

Madly Madagascar

  • Drama

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

  • I'll never be president.
  • The eagle has landed!
  • Aye-aye, guvnor!
  • It's that horrid woman! (panicked that Dubois is in)
  • Did I do good?
  • Aye-aye, Skipper!

Penguins of Madagascar

  • Crikey! (repeated line)
  • Hello! Are you my family?
  • Where are we going?
  • Ooh, look, a button!
  • Dave's kidnapping other penguins!
  • Sorry! I get gassy when I fly.
  • Come on, then. You wanna go? You want some argy-bargy?
  • Skipper wouldn't care. Plan or no! Fancy equipment or no! He'd never leave a man behind!
  • I need my Skipper.
  • Yes, that's it!
  • Kowalski! Eva is worried about you!

The Penguins of Madagascar

  • Is (Launchtime, asking Skipper, who asks Kowalski about the rocket)
  • Oh dear! (common catchphrase)
  • Maybe the universe blinked? (What Goes Around, after seeing Officer X is not out yet)
  • Wow. Just, you know, wow. (Mask of the Raccoon, impressed by the Archer)
  • Look at me, I'm flyiiinngg! (The Helmet, as Kowalski is levitating him into the air)
  • Back up to that "without you" part please. (Dr. Blowhole's Revenge, when he wanted to know what Dr. Blowhole meant)
  • Officer X was a nasty surprise. (What Goes Around, when he was talking to Rico about Officer X)
  • I don't want to be Slippy! (Tangled in the Web, after he found out that he's Slippy)
  • Baby ducklings! They're so cute and THEY'RE ALL MINE! (The Lost Treasure of the Golden Squirrel, when he sees his deepest desire)
  • Shoes. Why? What's wrong with a penguin and his shoe box? (It's About Time, after Kowalski asked him about the large shoebox he was carrying)
  • The sum of the square root of any two sides of an isosceles triangle is equal to the square root of the remaining side. (Paternal Egg-Stinct, after being electrocuted by Kowalski's electric shock, spoof of the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz.)
  • Tell me, am I living in a cottage in Nova Scotia, happily married with one egg and another on the way? (It's About Time, when Private asks future Kowalski about his future.)
  • They didn't do it like this on the telly. (Can't Touch This, after he hypnotizes the rest of the penguins and Randy into thinking they're chickens)
  • QUIET!! Both of you! You're upsetting Eggy! (Paternal Egg-Stinct, after stopping Skipper and Julien from arguing.)
  • What's this? Amnesia spray! Fantastic! (sprays it in his face) What's this? Amnesia spray! Fantastic! (sprays it in his face again) What's this? Amnesia spray! Fantas...tic. (Truth Ache, when Private grabs the amnesia spray.)
  • Ahhh! Snake belly, so dark! Don't put me in the monkey suit! (All Tied Up With a Boa, when Savio escapes.)
  • You made me spill my lemonade. (Operation: Antarctica, when a yellowish liquid spills out underneath him after Hunter roars loudly. It does turn out to be lemonade spilled from a cup)
  • I don't want to be extinct. (Endangerous Species)
  • What part of "zip it" eludes you?! The "zip" or the "it"?! (Loathe at First Sight, when Private was hit by the Hate Me Laser and attacks Kowalski)
  • Don't look at me. I'm hideous! (High Moltage when Kowalski was checking on Private)
  • (The Penguin Who Loved Me, upon being surrounded by a hoard of lobsters) Well this hardly seems fair! (after defeating them easily) Told you it wasn't fair!
  • Now that's what I call Pooetic justice. Hahahaha! (In the line of Doody)

A Visit from Uncle Nigel

  • Uncle Nigel, please. The Red Squirrel is a fairy tale.
  • Uncle Nigel, that's impossible because he doesn't exist.
  • (After seeing Red for the first time) The Red Squirrel's real? Really real? Really?
  • (opens the rocket latch) Oh yes! (sees all the wires inside) Oh, dear.
  • (after falling into Red's rocket and falling out wrapped in all the wires) And an completely intentional one too. Totally not an accident.
  • Guys, guys, guys! You won't believe it: Uncle Nigel and I fought the Red Squirrel!
  • Oh Princess Selfrespcetra, what do I do? How can I possibly stop Red Squirrel all by myself? (hugs his Lunacorn and the horn lights up) Hang about!
  • Where is that trap door? Maybe it is this one. Or this one, I thought for sure it was one of these.. (the Secret hatch in the tree opens and Private falls in)
  • You're just jealous I have a Lunacorn and you don't. (to Red while fighting with his Lunacorn) Jealous~~
  • (after Red threatens to tear the Lunacorn apart before Private's eyes) Actually, it was your eye I was thinking about.
  • Grateful. Grateful for everything I learned form you Uncle Nigel.
 I was a Penguin Zombie
  • Private: Is he gone?
  • Kowalski: No sign of him - Aaah!
  • Private: What was that for?
  • Kowalski: I just assumed he was going to pop out of no- Look behind you!
  • Private, Rico: Aaaah!
  • Kowalski: And once again I appear to be mistaken. Hmm. Guess it just goes to show you can never tell...

  • Private: He's eating Rico's brain!
  • Kowalski: Rico's? I mean, have you even looked at this big, juicy, jumbo genius tenderloin? That's grade-A science brain, baby!
  • Skipper: Stop! Stop!
  • Private: The zombie can speak!
  • Skipper: I'm... not a zombie.
  • Kowalski: But the infection. We heard the doctor say...
  • Skipper: Who are you gonna believe, some two-bit medicine man, or your own commanding officer?
  • Private: Can it really be true?
  • Kowalski: But how can we know for sure?

  • Private: It's okay, Mort. We're not going to hurt you.
  • Skipper: Not true, Private. I did authorize lethal force.

  • Skipper: I don't get it. What in the world made me shake my tail feathers like that?
  • Private: Maybe Darla's magic was real.
  • Kowalski: Don't be ridiculous, Private. Cold, hard science negates even the possibility of magic.
  • Private: Okay, then maybe Skipper has a dancer buried deep inside him.
  • Skipper: Magic's real. Case closed.
  • Kowalski: But science...
  • Skipper: Nope, I said case closed.

Conversations involving him

Needle Point

Private: We can't lose Skipper! There must be someway! (notices Skipper's anklet tag) Hey! Alice is looking for a penguin wearing an ankle tag, right?
Kowalski: Private, You're not thinking--
Private: Indeed I am! I think...
Kowalski: Well, if you are thinking what I think you're thinking, I think it could be risky!
  • Private: (puts on Skipper's tag) If it means getting the Skipper back, it'll all be worth it!


  • Private: Barry, I'm going to do you what no one else ever has!
  • Barry: (panicking) No! NOOO!
  • Private: (hugs Barry) Give you a big hug.
  • Barry: Hug what?
  • Private: I'd be a grumpy Gus too if no one ever hugged me.
  • Barry: (calming down) Hey. You know what? I never have been hugged.
  • (Barry returns the gesture)
  • Barry: Maybe this is just what I needed. (stops giving affection) Or maybe I'm just a jerk who enjoys bullying other animals.
  • Private: Well in that case, I can just squeeze you (tightens his grip on Barry) until you pop like a grape.
  • Barry: No no, go with the hug! Hug's good! (Private loosens his grip) Actually, I'm liking the hug.

Mask of the Raccoon

  • Private: (in a furious rage) You are a dirty dirty liar, and your pants are on fire!
  • (Rico & Kowalski look at each other amazed)
  • Rico: Whoaaaaa...
  • Private: (still raging) And, and, and you jump up and touch a telephone wire. That's what a dirty liar you are!
  • Skipper: (pushing Private away) Stand down, Private; we'll handle this.

Tangled in the Web

  • Skipper: (The other penguins pop up in the Slippy house) This madness ends now! (Rico nods)
  • Private: Hello, Skipper. (holds up a fish) Care for a bite?
  • Skipper: We're busting you out.
  • Private: Oh, really? Uh, today might not work for me actually. Between the slipping and the falling, I'm booked solid.
  • Skipper: (grabs Private) Just as I feared: You've been brainwashed!
  • Private: I've been brainwashed?
  • Skipper: Yes, you've been brainwashed.
  • Private: (in a trance) Brainwashed.
  • Skipper: You don't want your brain washed.
  • Private: (under his spell) I don't want my brain washed.

Truth Ache

  • (after Private used truth serum in a hot sauce bottle, Kowalski does an example)
  • Kowalski: Private, do you honestly like Skipper's mung fish surprise?
  • Private: (hypnotic) No. It tastes like elephant sweat, but everyone pretends to like it to spare Skipper's fragile ego.
  • Skipper: (upset) My whole a lie!!

Gator Watch

  • Private: Just don't look down. You'll be fine.
  • Roger: Don't look down. Don't look down. Don't look-
  • (He looks down, gets dizzy, and falls off the building)
  • Roger: Doooooooooooown!!
  • Private: (in fear) Roger!!
  • (A splash is heard below)
  • Kowalski: Ooh. Lucky for him, there was a swimming pool down there.
  • (Screaming is soon heard later)
  • Private: (worriedly) A rather public pool...

A Visit From Uncle Nigel

  • Red: Is this how you come to fight? With a toy?
  • Private: Yes. Yes, it is.
  • Red: Do you realize how ridiculous you look with your horned pony. (Laughs)
  • Private: You're just jealous that I have a Lunacorn and you don't.
  • Red:(Confused)What? Of course not. It is soft and weak, like YOU!
  • Private: Jealous~ (skips on the spot)
  • Red:(Knocks Private's feet from under him) I AM NOT (mimics Private's voice) Jealous~! (Snatches Lunacorn from Private) In fact, I'm going to rip it apart right before your eyes!
  • Private: Actually, it was your eye I was thinking about.
  • Red: (Looks at Private) What do you mean by- (Private pushes on the Lunacorn, causing its horn to light up, directly in Red's eye)
  • Red: Ahh! (drops the Lunacorn which Private catches and covers his eye) So (runs into a wall and falls to the floor) bright!

Operation: Lunacorn Apocalypse

  • Private: I didn’t expect to see you fighting with us.
  • King Julien: Yeah turns out that my kingdom is part of this Earth Planet that’s going to be destructoed…who knew.
  • Maurice: Everybody, it’s basic geography…
  • King Julien: Witchcraft!

  • Skipper: Alright you little...GAH! How did he get gigantic?
  • Private: Oh…I don’t know…I have no idea!

  • Kuchikukan: oh please…tell me this body has more powers then a nightlights and tailbrushing…
  • Princess self-respecta: sharing is the greatest power of all…
  • Kuchikukan: See what am dealing with… you dream and dream of stealing a new body and when you do…Ha! Princess hairdresser!
  • Private: YOU TAKE THAT BACK! Princess self-respecta is the noble leader of all the lunacorns and together they…I wasn’t supposed to say things
  • Rico(faceplam): Ugh
  • Kuchikukan: Noble leader of all the lunacorns? See that I can use!

Penguins of Madagascar (movie)

[After the ray Private stole from Dave accidentally turned a random penguin back to normal]
Kowalski: The ray! It works! It WORKS!
Skipper: Private! Are you okay?
Private: Yes!
[Skipper, Rico and Kowalski gasp in surprise and notice that Private has sprouted a hand out of his buttocks.]
Kowalski: Whoa-oh! Butt-hand! There’s a hand attached to his butt. That was not... that was not there before.
Skipper: Get out of there. That’s an order!
Private: [salutes] Permission to defy order.
Skipper: Permission denied!
Private: Then I deny your denial.
Skipper: It’s too risky, Private. It already made you sprout a butt-hand!
Private: I know it has to be me this time. [places his butt-hand on the glass] And I think you know it, too.
'[Concerned about Private’s sacrifice, Skipper places his flipper on the same place where Private placed his butt-hand. They exchange smiles before Private reattaches himself to the ray using his butt-hand.]

'PrivateI'm the secret weapon!

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