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Episode Based

  • The title seems to be based on "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory".
  • Rico's snack of choice "Marsh Meow Meows" seem to be the Madagascar world's version of Peeps.
  • When Kowalski and Rico blew up a pipe, making a machine suck the Winky boxes and the others except Private into tubes, Skipper said this: "Well, it's a leader's paradox, Private." A leader's paradox is probably when a soldier, who is given the allowance to be the leader on a mission, is left a forced choice to decide between two things, usually one involves saving the men and the second would be completing the mission,  but leaving the men behind to die or face some unknown consequence.
  • Private made several gestures and Skipper said he made hand signals and when Private asked what he said to Skipper, Skipper said: "That." and the random gestures Private had made probably meant "Dance the hula in costume"
  • Running gag: Skipper continuously asking "what would Skipper do?"
  • Running gag: Rico keeps trying to get some Marsh Meow-Meows and keeps ruining the other penguins chances of getting the Winkies.
  • Antagonist: Rico from the point where he had some Marsh Meow-Meows, Private from the time he said to Skipper "Just get the mission done, nothing is more important than the mission" to the point he apologizes to Skipper
  • This is the second time Rico has eaten a person - the first was Mort in All Choked Up..
  • The skirts the lemurs used in Miracle on Ice appear in this episode.
  • The wig from Whispers and Coups appears in this episode.
  • This is the first time Private is the leader.
  • Private considers Rico a traitor for Winkies.
  • It is unknown if Winkies will appear again in future episodes, as they were discontinued in this episode.
  • Could possibly reference the shutdown of the Hostess factory and the lamented loss of the beloved tWinkie.
  • When Skipper says that "it couldn't be..." this could be a reference to Dr. Blowhole's Revenge when he thought that blowhole had "cut off the peanut butter winkie supply lines"
  • The last time this episode (along with King Me) aired on the main Nickelodeon channel is March 15, 2015.

Foul Ups, Bloops, and Blunders

  • Previously in All Choked Up the penguins claimed the only person small enough for Rico to swallow was Mort, but by now he can swallow Kowalski, who is larger than Rico. Explainations include Kowalski just not wanting to be eaten, the penguins not realising that Rico can swallow Kowalski, and perhaps Rico's been practising.

Behind the Scenes

DVD Releases

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