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Randy is a sheep who lives at the Children's Zoo at the Central Park Zoo. Children are constantly coming to pet him; however, many of them have sticky hands due to eating too much candy, while others tug at his wool.

In his debut episode, one kid in particular hits him and rips his fur, until finally Randy cannot stand the torture any longer, so he bites the kid. The kid screams, causing Alice, a zoo keeper, to come and see what the problem is. The penguins hear the boy's cry as well. When they get there and see the child lie to Alice. Alice apologizes, and puts Randy in a cage. Skipper then says they're going to teach the sheep a lesson for biting a child. Once Randy tells them their story, the Penguins decide to help Randy with his predicament by using various defense methods including: "Repelling" Polymer, Static Electricity, and Hypnosis, all of which backfire. Eventually, Randy ends up back in the Petting Zoo, but as a consultation, Skipper and Rico teach him some self-defense combat techniques to prevent anymore accidents.

Randy appears again in Operation: Neighbor Swap, he welcomes the Lemurs into the petting zoo but once Julien gets comfortable, he too grows tired and annoyed of his constant bossing. He helps the penguins formulate a plan to get Julien back to his old habitat.


Randy's personality is not clearly defined. In his first appearance, he appears to have a case of OCD as seen when he cares very much about the cleanliness and appearance of his fleece, which lead him to bite a child after the latter ripped a piece off of it. He also goes to great extremes to escape from the Petting Zoo even after receiving some painful experiments on the part of the penguins.

In his second appearance however, he seems willing to make sacrifices for the greater good, as he let himself get picked on by the Vesuvius Twins so the penguins can send Julien back to his habitat. His intelligence is questionable: he didn't realize that a toy farm was not a real farm, but he later was smart enough to propose a plan to get rid of Julien.

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