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For the episode, see The Red Squirrel (episode).
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The Red Squirrel is the one and only enemy that Buck Rockgut wants to catch. He is known as Penguin Enemy Number 1. When he escapes, Rockgut becomes unusually paranoid and obsessed about Red's recapture and hides underground for 47 years, waiting for Red to show himself again. At first, Private believes that The Red Squirrel doesn't exist (at least not anymore), but in the end, it's revealed that he is indeed alive as he makes a voice appearance.

The Red Squirrel later appears in A Visit From Uncle Nigel. He planned to release a missile containing spores that would cause all acorns to grow to an incredible size and destroy all other plants. Uncle Nigel and Private stopped him, though he escaped. He later sent grenades shaped like acorns, releasing a knockout gas down the penguin's habitat, capturing all the penguins but Private. Private later arrived, stating he had trouble with the kettle.

Once he arrived at The Red Squirrel's secret base to free the others, he exposed The Red Squirrel to a large amount of light from his Lunacorn toy to disorient him. Again,The Red Squirrel escaped, leaving the penguins to escape his self-destructing base.

The Red Squirrel managed to brainwash Agent Buck Rockgut prior to Our Man in Grrfurjiclestan, and he used him as a sleeper agent to lure the four of "America's greatest penguin commandos" to destroy them. The quartet of commandos originally thought Buck sought revenge for putting on a wild goose chase by sending them on their own to catch a sleeper agent. The penguins used several tactics to terminate The Red Squirrel's control on the special agent, but they fail. Skipper had the plan to turn Buck out of his control by confusing him with themselves as imposters. A confused Buck became immobilized, and The Red Squirrel was captured.

He reappears in Nuts to You where he seeks Fred's fortune to get him minions so he captures Fred and King Julien so that he can make them get the acorns. Julien and Fred do not get the acorns which results in The Red Squirrel with no minions.


The Red Squirrel is evil, cruel, a brilliant strategist and skilled in hand-to-hand combat, able to hold his own against Uncle Nigel and Private. He is incredibly patient as he waited 50 (A Visit from Uncle Nigel) years underground for people to believe he didn't exist. He is also easily annoyed and seems to hate penguins. Living underground for years has left him incredibly light-sensitive in his remaining eye. His left one is gone, replaced by a launch button concealed by a black eyepatch.

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