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In order to get revenge on his nephew, Uncle King Julien convinces Julien to go into foosa territory to achieve immortality.



Julien is throwing a noisy party at the water slide. Clover soon arrives, believing that there is a foosa attack. She soon realizes it is just the king having fun. Julien says that his people love water, so they deserve the ability to slide down it. Clover backs out of the crowd. Maurice sees her, commenting that the king sure knows how to have fun. He says that Clover should let herself have fun as well. Clover says that she knows how to have fun when she wants to, and a flashback is shown. The first is of a romantic couples dance, where Clover is alone in the middle. A male lemur with yellow eyes asks her is she wants to dance, and begins to let his paw slip around her. She instantly punches him, saying that he is uncomfortably close to her. The next flashback is of a New Years celebration, where a groggy lemur in the middle of a crowd screams "happy New Year" while waving his arms. Clover punches him in the face, saying that she believed he had a knife. The final flashback shows Dorothy crying alone on a rock. Clover joins her, asking why she is sad. She says at least her hut did not burn down. However, a pile of burning wood can be seen, indicating Dorothy's hut did in fact burn down. Clover punches her out of embarrassment. After she is finished with her stories, Maurice says that none proved her point. Meanwhile, Julien slides down his water slide again, only to find that the water is turned off. His butt starts to burn from the friction. Upon realizing this, he screams, jumping into the water. Fire put out, Julien sits down on the ground, asking who would dare turn off the water. An old male ringtail lemur steps out of the jungle, saying he dares. Julien runs over to him, believing he looks familiar. He tells him that he is his uncle, Uncle King Julien. Julien ignores him, saying he must he his future self. Maurice finally puts the crown on his head, showing him that he is his uncle, not his future self. Julien recognizes him.

Julien brings his uncle to the plane, explaining how is still alive, that the prophecy was wrong. He sits on his throne, while his uncle thinks of a reason for his visit. Finally, he noticed a foosa sign, and claims that he has news of the predators' movements. They are planning a large attack on the lemur kingdom. Julien ignores him, eating grapes. The former king pushes the grapes out of the way, grabbing his nephew's attention. Julien spits out the grapes, saying that the news is not good. He says he will just have to hope th they get lost on their way to attack. Uncle King Julien walks away, saying "thank you for giving me this gift". Julien is confused, and his uncle explains that hearing the foosas' plan will allow him to achieve immortality. Julien asks to hear more, now interested.

A short while later, Julien prepares a foosa suit disguise as Maurice looks on, confused. Julien tells him what he has heard, and that they will be sneaking into foosa territory to overhear the foosas' plan. Maurice shudders at Julien's use of the word "us". Later, Julien and Maurice are seen in their disguise, sneaking into Foosa Territory.

Meanwhile, Uncle King Julien is moving things around in the throne room. Clover arrives, surprised to see him. He tells her that he is filling in for Julien, and that she must guard him instead. Mort arrives, excited to see Julien. He runs to his feet, only to find that they are not the current king's. He screams. Clover explains who Mort is, but Julien's uncle says that he should be destroyed. Mort runs out of the plane in terror.

Night has fallen. Julien and his adviser arrive at Foosa Territory. The foosa are still awake, howling. The two tumble into the middle of the group. Maurice, panicking, ends up pushed outside the suit. He tries to re-enter, but Julien pushes him out. After this repeats multiple times, Julien finally lets Maurice re-enter. The foosa enjoyed this performance, accepting Julien in his disguise as one of their own.

The next morning, Clover shows Julien's uncle around the new kingdom. He is disgusted by all the new changes. By the third thing Clover shows him, he says he is finished. He says that even though the two did not along (because he never listened to her ideas, and even forbid her to speak unless it was an emergency), surely she must believe that fear is better than fun. She says that although the kingdom is not perfect, it is still better. He cuts her off, ordering her to shut down the new changes.

In Foosa Territory, Julien and Maurice are invited to join the foosa games. Maurice is hesitant, but Julien insists. The two win multiple competitions, and gain popularity amoung the foosa. Soon, a female foosa starts to nuzzle Julien in his disguise. Maurice is horrified, but Julien is prepared to "start a whole new species" if she will mate with him.

In the Lemur Kingdom, Clover shuts down the kingdom's amenities. Upon shutting down that water slide, she stopped by Mort's crying. He cries that she is an "enemy of fun", and jumps on the water slide. Clover follows him, saying that he must take that back. She states that she loves danger, and that since fun leads to danger, she loves fun. Mort does not believe her. To prove herself, she jumps on the water slide. To her surprise, she loves it. She splashes in the pool with Mort. She knows she must go to Uncle King Julien and explain herself. Soaked, Clover arrives in the plane. Julien's uncle believes she is drenched in sweat, and tells her he has a cure for her "jungle fever". She explains that it is water, and that she believes the kingdom is finally happy. She says that she will honour the new king's changes until he returns. Uncle King Julien says that he will not return. Clover jumps on him, asking him to repeat what he said.

Back with the foosa, Julien prepares to marry the female foosa he met. Maurice, in despair, tells Julien he has gone native. He claims he will not let Julien do this. They fight within the foosa suit, until pushes Maurice out, this time of the butt flap. After Maurice is fully ejected, Julien turns around and "swallows" him back inside the suit. The foosa are disgusted.

Meanwhile, Clover has dragged Uncle King Julien to the foosas' territory. They watch the events unfold from the edge of the jungle. Clover too is disgusted by the performance. Julien's uncle asks if she really wants Julien to be the king, and tries to knock her out. Her quick reflexes and excellent hearing allow her to knock him out before he can hit her. She ties him up.

Julien and Maurice are surrounded by foosa. However, Clover soon dangles Uncle King Julien above their heads, distracting them. Clover gets inside the suit with the others. Some of the foosa turn around, noticing Clover. She quickly puts her arms through the holes in the suit and starts punching them. She fights them until they run away.

Later, the group are still dangling Julien's uncle from a tree in the kingdom. Clover says that she chose Julien over his uncle as living in fear is much worse than having fun. When Maurice asks what they will do with his uncle, Julien says they should give him a second chance at a "new life". That night, Uncle King Julien wakes up inside the foosa suit, with the female foosa beside him. He screams.

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