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Rob McTodd is a character from All Hail King Julien.


He is King Julien's former best friend, and he was once banished from the kingdom for nearly giving Uncle King Julien a heart attack when he pranked him on his birthday.

When he returned after a very long absence, Rob had many plastic surgeries done so he could not be recognized, due to the fact that he was now "wanted" and had to mask his true face and age. Rob finally learned to accept his appearance and age, becomes Nurse Phantom and even shows himself publicly.

Season two

Rob reappears from a long absence and reunites with King Julien, to Maurice's disappointment. Rob later brought King Julien to Dr. S so that he can transplant his brain into King Julien's body and transplant King Julien's brain into his body. During a fight with Maurice, Clover, and Mort, Rob was badly injured by Mort, and his face became horribly disfigured. He retreated back into Dr. S's cave to hide his face.

Season three

Rob returns from another plastic surgery, which results in his face still being somewhat disfigured, enough so that he has to hide the right side of his face with a half-cut mask. His haircut is cut on half his head, his right eye has become blind, his lower lip on his right corner slips down, showing his teeth and gum. Rob somehow heard about Club Moist, his childhood dream, so he called Doctor S again for his revenge against the king for starting the club without him. His plot was to switch King Julien's mind with his. Rob captures and puts Mort into a box, then captures King Julien. At first, King Julien does not recognize him due to his face, but listens to Rob's thoughts about him and the pains he has endured because of Julien's selfish nature. King Julien recognizes his mistakes and tries to mend their friendship, making Rob Doctor S' assistant, and renames him as "Nurse Phantom".

Rob had sleeping problems, so he called for Doctor S to send him into a medically induced coma. Rob could still listen and even move his arms and hands.

Season four

Now doctors, Rob and Doctor S become quite popular in the kingdom. They even become actors of their own comedy show during "Julien Vision". Rob invites Doctor S for dinner. Doctor S is not pleased with the menu, so Rob gets mad at him.

Later, Rob assists Doctor S in his practice. He demonstrates for the group what might happen to Clover if she were to be faced with the truth about who she is, when she is ill.

In another episode, Rob somehow heard about the success of King Julien's music group, founded by King Julien, Maurice, Mort, and Clover. Rob remembers the old times when he and Julien were inseparable, and tried to get a place in the group. King Julien harshly stops him and rejects him for being "gross". Rob then listened the piece of music which King Julien was singing, and noticed it did not sound as it was supposed to. After Clover's departure from the band, Rob watched from afar the musical auditions and was jealous when King Julien hired Hans. Rob intended to avenge himself by showing to the public how "fake" their band was, as they were letting a voice altering machine do the work for them. That night, Rob turned off Timo's voice machine and revealed their real voices.


Rob at first can easily be described as cocky, boisterous, shameless, reckless, and mean. He inadvertently killed multiple animals due to his encouragement to have them party too much. He has, however, calmed down and become more relaxed ever since King Julien made amends with him and when he got his nursing job.