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Roger is the penguins' alligator friend. When they first met him, he resided in the sewers, under the Central Park Zoo. He is from Tampa Bay, Florida. Although he appears to be a vicious, prehistoric killing machine, he is actually a pacifist. In the episode Gator Watch, he is given a habitat in the zoo.

Early life

According to Roger, he lived in Florida somewhere in Tampa Bay. When he was small, he got flushed down the toilet. Growing up while wandering around the sewer lines of America, he eventually settled in the sewers of the Central Park Zoo.

Later life

Roger's first appearance was in Haunted Habitat. Marlene's snoring was not only keeping Roger awake at night, but scaring him. His whimpers scared Marlene awake, who initially believed there was a ghost. When Marlene and Skipper ventured into the sewers, they come across Roger, who was panicking and yelling for help to stop the "monster". Soon afterwards the alligator comes with them to Marlene's habitat, and the alligator tells them the story of how he got here. The alligator then decides to depart, but freaks out the lemurs on his way out! When Roger asked what was wrong with the guy in the funny hat, Skipper answers "I wish I knew, Roger. I wish I knew."

In Little Zoo Coupe, Roger has a minor appearance watching the race, and crawling towards the crowd.

The rats later ransack his home in Roger Dodger, and he asks the penguins to help. They try to toughen up Roger, but each attempt fails. During the training, he demonstrates his excellent singing voice by singing a lullaby that puts Rico to sleep. Kowalski later switches Roger's mind with Rico's to scare the rats away. This works but Rico/Roger goes crazy due to change in adaptability. The four are able to find him, and Roger/Rico sings the same lullaby to Rico/Roger, subduing him. After switching back, he conducts the penguins in singing a lullaby as a barbershop quartet.

Moving To The Zoo

During a dinner with the penguins, (in Gator Watch), he complained about his current home. Eventually, his home became so overloaded with sewage that the penguins had to find a new home for him. After causing panic throughout the city, the Central Park Zoo eventually took Roger in and built a habitat for him. He is also seen in the zoo in the episode "Driven to the Brink" as Rico drives the car on top of him.

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