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"But I didn't want to be King! I wanted to be, a color. A sound..."
~Sage Moondancer [source]

Sage Moondancer (born as Babak) is a recurring character from All Hail King Julien and a main character in All Hail King Julien: Exiled.

Physical Appearance

Sage is a tall and muscular mountain lemur with blonde hair. However, unlike the rest of his species, who have black and white fur, he has yellow and brown fur.


Sage is very calm, loves meditating, and enjoys spending time in nature. He appreciates all animals, especially insects like butterflies. After seeing his brother Koto for the first time in years in Koto, Plain and Tall, his usual state shifts temporarily, and he becomes angry, jealous and sarcastic. After the death of his brother, Sage takes his job as king of the mountain lemurs seriously.



Sage was the firstborn mountain lemur prince, and was the elder brother of Koto. His father, the Mountain Lemur King and unnamed mother were about to give the throne to Sage, but he refuses and leaves his kingdom to find his own destiny, leaving his younger brother in charge of the kingdom, which he ruled with an iron fist.

All Hail King Julien

In the episode Eat Prey Shove, Sage met Clover while she was on vacation. Seeing as he looked almost identical to a character in her fantasy stories, Clover was quick to fall in love, thinking he'd act just like her character. She even mistakenly called him the character's name, Norj, and tried to get him to rescue her.

To her dismay, he didn't. He was nearly the exact opposite, caring more about peace than fighting, against Clover's growing annoyance. Finally, when she couldn't stand him anymore, she punched him, telling him furiously that he didn't deserve to have his abs.

At the end of the episode, Sage found Clover at the lemur kingdom where she was battling a group of fossa that had attacked while she was away. Right when one was about to jump on her, Sage shoved them off. Together the two fought off the rest, forgiving each other over the previous events. After making sure they had closure, Sage was carried off by his hawk.

In the episode The Man In The Iron Booty, Sage was sent by Clover's twin sister, Crimson, to kill Clover. However, he was a bit confused, as he had never met Crimson, he thought she was Clover. He didn't understand why Clover would want him to kill somebody named Clover. However, he went along with it, but once he realized that it was actually her twin sister, he went with Clover to Feartopia to rescue the others. Clover and Crimson fought about this, Clover asks: "How could you have hired my sort of ex-boyfriend- well not really, but he had really big arms, so there was that. But anyway- to kill me?!"

At the end of the episode, Crimson latched herself onto Sage and followed him off with his hawk. They stayed together until the episode King Juli-END.

He also appeared in the episode Body Double, where Julien chose Sage to be his body double for a meeting with the Crocodile Kingdom. However, Sage got injured by falling down a water slide and wasn't able to go. However, he later manages to help Julien and Clover make it back to the kingdom in time to save Maurice.

He appears as a speaking cameo in Who Arted?.

He appears as main protagonist in Koto, Plain and Tall. He is first seen in the tree, spying on King Julien and Koto and glares menacingly. Sage then reveals to Julien that Koto is his brother, and wants him to exile him, but Julien refuses.

He appears in Un-King Me, where he saves Clover, after she was nearly attacked and killed by the mountain lemurs. Sage and Clover decide to work together and no matter what it takes to overthrow Koto.

All Hail King Julien: Exiled

Sage, along with Clover appear in All Hail King Julien: Exiled, as main protagonists. Together, they meet Jarsh-Jarsh and even fight Pam. When Clover becomes determined to kill Koto, Sage tries to save his brother from his own evil. However, when this fails, the two join Julien’s army to fight against him.

Becoming King of the Mountain Lemurs

After Koto's death, Sage becomes the new king of Mountain Lemur Kingdom. Afterwards, he marries Clover and they both leave the Lemur Kingdom.



Sage and Clover are opposite attractions. While Clover appears to be hot-blooded, paranoid, frequently stressed, and violent, Sage appears to be cool-blooded, calm, and patient. When Sage first meets Clover, he is immediately idealized as the perfect male and becomes her love interest. However, his calmness annoys her, to the point that she leaves. They later appear as friends. After Koto takes King Julien's kingdom, Sage takes Clover to his mentor, the Jarsh-Jarsh. There, both of them learn the meaning of their ways of thinking and acting. While Clover learns to be patient and more relaxed, Sage learns to be himself and fight. After Koto's death, Sage and Clover talk about their adventure together, which made them closer than before. They finally kiss. Three weeks later, they appear swinging happily hand in hand between the vines in the moonlight. In The End is Near, Clover tells King Julien that she might be leaving the kingdom due to the possible fact that Sage might ask her to marry him. When she gets overexcited she is let down when she finds out that he asks her twin sister Crimson to marry him. Clover was heartbroken. When she was going on a rampage (her way of dealing with her emotions) then she is visited by her Grandma Rose and is told that the same thing almost happened to her as well. When Clover leaves Sage's kingdom, Sage starts to feel something that he hasn't felt before, love, for Clover. He called the wedding off with Crimson and went to tell Clover how he really feels. He ended up proposing to her, and in the last episode, they get married.


Sage and Koto are brothers. Both spent plenty of their childhood time together, and were close friends. Koto even sacrificed his tooth for Sage when he lost his own tooth while eating corn. According to Sage, he suspected that, Koto changed as he grew up, becoming colder and jealous of Sage’s position. When Sage left the Mountain Lemur Kingdom, their father coordinated the title of king to Koto, because of Sage's decision to leave his home, Sage did not see his brother Koto again for years until he noticed his brother being friends with Clover's friend and also king, King Julien XIII, since his suspicion on his brother being evil came into his mind. After Koto took over the Lemur Kingdom, Sage along with Clover were trying to find a way to defeat him, one of Sage's plans to defeat him is redeem him, as he put it, he is trying to get his younger brother back, However, since Koto was trying to find Mort (who he betrayed him in Koto's point of view), this immediately backfired (with an implication that the only way to redeem Koto is if Sage test strength over his brother, and proven his skills). After failing to retrieve a key in his astral form in Out of the Foosa Pen and into the Fire. Sage resorts to violence and nearly kills Koto, had it not been for Clover, who convinced him to keep Koto alive and miserable as punishment, before him being killed by Julien, on accident.

King Julien

Sage and Julien get on fairly well, as seen in Body Double when Julien hires him to be his body double. He and Julien also spend time together in O Captain My Captain Pt. 1, when both are captured by Captain Ethan.