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The Amarillo Kid returns, this time begging for the penguins' help because a pair of gophers are after his shell.


The Amarillo Kid returns to Central Park Zoo pleading for the penguins' help. He explains that he had lost a mini golf match to a pair of Gopher brothers Bo and Gomer, and now they were after him for his shell (which he had used as a wager). Skipper, Kowalski and Rico think he is trying to con them and refuse to get involved, but Private believes the Amarillo Kid has truly reformed and agrees to help him. The Amarillo Kid tells him of the Westchester Putter from Yabogeyhaha, a golden golf putting club which grants its wielder unbeatable power so that even the worst will become the greatest, and he desires to use it in a rematch against the Gophers to save himself.

Later that night, the Gophers arrive at the zoo. They ask the penguins to help them find the Amarillo Kid because he robbed them of everything they own. Only then do they realize that Private is not with them, and rush to find him.

Meanwhile, Private and the Amarillo Kid find the Westchester Putter. Through a series of comical foul-ups, they finally claim the Putter. Private hands the Putter over to the Amarillo Kid on the agreement that he will return it as soon as he has won his rematch. Touched by Private's kindness, the Amarillo Kid confesses his intentions to steal the Putter for the Gophers in order to save his shell as Private's emotions egged him & made him feel guilt for what he was preparing to do. He decides to turn over a new leaf, and voluntarily puts the Putter back, saying he'd rather go shell-less than proving Skipper & Private right that he hadn't changed.

Just then, the other penguins and the Gophers show up. The Gophers trap the penguins under a chandelier, take the Westchester Putter for themselves, and escape the building, proving that the Amarillo Kid had been telling the truth and they had tricked Skipper and his team into helping them as Kowalski recapped the gophers' clever ingenuity of their plan. As they make their getaway, the Amarillo Kid stays to free the penguins. The penguins and the Amarillo Kid pursue the Gophers in a mini golf cart chase. Just as it seems the Gophers are going to give the penguins the slip, the Amarillo Kid uses his golfing skills to sabotage their cart and save the Putter.

With the Gophers successfully thwarted, the Amarillo Kid thanks Private for believing in him, and they part on good terms... that is, only after Private reminds the Amarillo Kid remembers he is supposed to give the Westchester Putter back.