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Showdown on fairway 18 title.JPG

Scene I: Central Park Zoo

Private is seen with a rainbow cone humming until he notices a tumble weed

Private: A tumbleweed? In New York?

He fakes ignoring it. The weed then rolls to Private.but he catches it.

Private: Got you, road shrubbery. Why are you following me?

Something comes out of the weed. which is ..... the Amarillo kid!!

Amarillo Kid: Spooked you, didn't I?

Private: The Amarillo Kid!

Amarillo Kid: That's right, Mr Tux. I'm back, and this time I've come to ASK for your HELP.

Private: NO! Wait a minute. Did you say "help"?

Amarillo Kid: Oh! Sorry, I ain't used to be nicer. PLEASE! You're my only friend, nearby!

SceneII:penguin's HQ

Skipper: Oh, no, no! You're not our friend. You're an enemy. Show him, Kowalski.

Kowalski: Penguin Enemy File 308: the Amarillo Kid forced Private into a mini-golf death-match, tried to self-destruct our HQ and single-handedly caused the Great Peanut Butter Winkie Famine of 1812!

Amarillo Kid: Aah!

Kowalski: I'm... just... guessing with that one.

Amarillo Kid: But I've changed! You all taught me a lesson in... in humility and such. And if you don't help me, they're gonna take my shell!

Private: Aah! Who is?!?

Amarillo Kid: The G--- the G--- the Gophers... two of the meanest, lousiest two-timers who ever partook of the good game of mini-golf! That's them up there.

Kowalski: Umm...

Amarillo Kid: I bet 'em my shell and lost! Now they're gonna take it off my back and use it for a guacamole bowl and such. Please! You're the good guys. Aren't the good guys supposed to help, no matter who it is and everything?

Private: Aaw...

Amarillo Kid: AAAAAAH...!

Skipper: What a nut. Now, on the upside, this means we can throw a vanquished villain party. 308: over and out.

Rico: PARTY!

Skipper: Private's the guest of honor.

Private: But, Skipper, the Amarillo Kid didn't do anything wrong this time!

Skipper: Private, he's your enemy. Now, you don't see me helping Hans... Or Buck Rotgut helping the Red Squirrel... Or Kowalski helping Doris the Dolphin...

Kowalski: Doris isn't my enemy!

Skipper: Isn't she? Kowalski, think about it.

Kowalski: AH, DORI-HI-HI-HI-HIS!!!

Skipper: Soldier, I know your big, soft heart is confused, but sometimes the best way to help someone is to bake a delicious cake celebrating their tragic defeat; maybe, something like a cod glace. Hmm?

Private: Ow!


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