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All Penguins: Penguin, penguin make a wishy, Something scaly, cold and squishy, How's about a tasty fishy? What kind do you eat?
Skipper: Catfish!
Private: Albacore!
Kowalski: Snapper!
Rico: Fish!

Private: [Speaking very fast] Too much sugar, what does Skipper mean too much sugar? I like sugar and I'm the best recon man ever! I see a fire engine! Wee-ooh! Wee-ooh! Arrgh! I'm a pirate! Ooh, a caterpillar! Ha ha ha! My name backwards is Etavirp! What's a virp? Is it sugar? I love sugar!

Private: No, you don't understand! This orca was gigantic, and it came from the sky!
Maurice: A sky orca?
King Julien: A skorca! That is what the cool people will call it now, because we take two words and make them one, because it's so hip, you know. Skorca! Aaah! Who can be safe from the terror that swims the skies? No one! All who agree, vote by getting panicky... now.

Private: I know what you're thinking. Private had too much sugar and dreamed up a flying whale that doesn't even exist.
Kowalski: Wow! That is what I'm thinking.
Skipper: Sugar dreams and mind-reading powers? How many Winkies did you eat?

Kowalski: (Bouncing on the orca balloon) Skipper, the creature appears to have a blubbery force field. Also... Whee-hee-hee!

Joey: Move it, ya bludgers! I'll rip yer arm off to use it to scratch my chunder! Back off my skorca!

Man: MY CAR!!!

Skipper: Maniac! Can't you see we share the same enemy?!
Joey: Joey don't share!

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