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"You don't know how much it hurts me to be here. I'm just... I'm too smart!"
~Smart Mort in ALL HAIL KING JULIEN: EXILED (I Am Fartacus)
"I am ashamed to admit it, only one thing unites all the Morts together in the Multiverse: The Feet. The thought of all those perfect piggies...Oh no no no! THE FEET! SO MANY FEET!!!"
~Smart Mort in ALL HAIL KING JULIEN (The Wrath of Morticus Khan)

Smart Mort is a character in All Hail King Julien. He is the smarter version of Mort whose soul has been consumed by Mort.


Given to his name, Smart Mort is extremely intelligent, strict, stoic, no-nonsense, calm and patient Mort. He can also be very grateful for those who saved him. As seen, when Mort saved him from Grammy Mort, he was extremely grateful towards Mort that he assisted him into rebuilding the portal, so they can go back to the kingdom of Madagascar.


Smart Mort is one of Mort's alter-egos who can be activated through the consumption of coffee. When given coffee, Mort changes into Smart Mort. He is usually summoned to solve any scientific or technological problems which the kingdom faces.

He was first introduced in "One More Cup" when Mort drank coffee from the beans which King Julien found when fishing at Old Junk Harbour. He then helped the kingdom defeat Karl, who used the coffee beans in an elaborate plan to take over the kingdom.

Smart Mort also helped the kingdom in fixing the interdimensional portal which Timo built in the episode "The Wrath of Morticus Khan". He helped the kingdom in a battle against Morticus Khan and his army, defeating them using the power of the foot which all Morts have an obsession with.

When not activated, he resides in Mort's mind. He was once trapped by Grammy Mort who used him as a bait to make Mort get stuck in his mind, in hopes of taking over his body. He was later freed by Mort in the episode "Out of the Foosa Pen and into the Fire".