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A maternal possum, Ma, moves in with the penguins when Rico accidentally blows up her home, but her overprotective nature soon starts to interfere with their missions.


After Hans attempts to blast the penguins with a defective freeze ray, Rico launches a missile at him which takes out a possum's tree home by accident. The possum faints, as if in fright, and is taken by the penguins back to the HQ to be revived. There, after suddenly regaining consciousness (AFTER SKIPPER ALMOST GIVES HER MOUTH-TO-MOUTH RESPIRATION), the possum introduces herself as "Ma" and begins to treat the penguins in a loving, motherly manner, which Skipper initially fears will turn his team soft before allowing it after Ma has another episode. Later, while hunting for Hans, the penguins learn from Marlene that whenever Ma seemed to be dying, she was actually "playing possum." After Skipper confronts Ma and sends her away, Hans captures her. Hans successfully freezes the penguins as they attempt to free Ma, but Ma is then able to play on Hans' sympathies by playing possum on him and then grabbing his freeze ray to unfreeze the penguins. Skipper then says that Ma is free to mollycoddle his team further, but she leaves to instead show Hans "tough love": making him eat his peas lest she "die" on him.