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The penguins are about to start their autumn schedule when a severe blizzard scatters the team: Skipper and Marlene are trapped in a convenient store with Officer X, Kowalski and Private are stuck with Fred in his tree, and without Rico, they must find a way to save themselves.


Fall is here and that means football and snacks! And Rico eating all the snacks up! Skipper and Marlene go on a snack run while Kowalski and Private choose to watch the leaves turn color instead of watch football. This is when Snowmageddon hits.

The furious snowstorm traps Skipper and Marlene in the convenience store, and to their dismay, they discover that the Shelf-Stacker is... Officer X. Meanwhile, Kowalski and Private get snowed into a tree with Fred, and Kowalski rapidly goes stir-crazy. They briefly hope that Rico can rescue them, but quickly dismiss the idea - Rico's main concern seems to be his team losing the game.

Skipper and Marlene fight Shelf-Stacker X, but he captures Skipper, ties him up with a licorice whip, and traps him in a crate, though he is able to break free due to Marlene rescuing him. As Kowalski gets worse, he and Private discover that Fred has an unblocked back door that they could have escaped through at any time. Skipper and Marlene manage to defeat Shelf-Stacker X when Private and Kowalski arrive just in time to help defeat him.

Finally, they return to the base, only to discover that Rico has been so absorbed in the exciting game, he hasn't even noticed the lack of snacks.