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Sonya is one of the protagonists of Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted.


Sonya is a female black bear with brown eyes. She wears a pink tutu, has a small pink bow in her hair, and rides on a tricycle. Unlike most other animals, she does not speak but still comprehends others.


When King Julien, Maurice, and Mort are on the train, they get scared by all the torn-up stuff. Soon, they see red eyes and become more frightened thinking that there is a monster in the dark, until Sonya reveals herself. Julien is instantly smitten with her and woos her with a fish before she eats Julien whole and pulls him out, all covered in spit, and puts him on her back. He compliments Sonya, but she just puts up with him.

She and Julien go on a tour of Rome, where he grafts her the Pope's stolen ring. Soon, Sonya breaks her tricycle and is outraged, though he buys her a Ducatti Motorcycle with the ring. They make it back to the circus just in time to run away from the angry mob.

When Alex says they need to change up the acts, she cheers by roaring. During the circus act, she and Julien perform stunts on her motorcycle. Soon, Alex and the gang decide to go back to the zoo. Julien decides to go with them, leaving behind a heartbroken Sonya.

When the animals get to the zoo, they're ambushed and darted. King Julien manages to go back to the circus and tells Sonya that he doesn't want to be king anymore and would rather be with her and she happily takes him back. During the "Afro-Circus" scene, she and Julien are dancing together.