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  • Sonya only communicates through growling or roaring (though this could be because she is a mute or has low intelligence meaning not enough to speak human language or "Animal language"), although Julien is able to understand her.
  • According to Rob Koo, head of story for Madagascar 3, "We wanted her to contrast with Julien's narcissism, by having her be an animal, she acted like a mirror. But having one character be more animal-like and still be in the Madagascar universe is tricky."
  • Sonya was originally a cute bear with a round head, almost a horizontal oval. As her role evolved into something more animalistic, character designer Craig Kellman changed her face to make her look beastly. Production designer Kendal Cronkite says "We made her head straighter on the sides and top, and it now blends into her shoulders, We made her eyes dull with big pupils and pushed them together. Her button nose got broader and thicker. We gave her lips fleshiness, dropped them to expose her gums, and made her teeth pointy. And we roughed up her fur."
  • As for the lighting in Sonya's intro scene, Head of layout Nol Meyer says "It starts in a dark, scary environment like a horror film, as we reveal the bear, everything brightens and we go into a love scene."
  • Jada's favorite scenes in the third film are all the scenes that include Sonya the bear and King Julien, Jada states that she "Can't get enough of that bear, it's hilarious" and that "It's probably the most adorable part of the whole story to me."
  • She rides a tricycle, but when the circus went to Rome it was broken, then she and King Julien stole a Ducatti motorbike and was riding it throughout the movie.

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