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While the penguins are being observed by a scientist the lemurs must prevent the furnace from exploding.


All of the animals are freezing in the winter cold except for the penguins. The penguins are heating their habitat with heat lamps and are enjoying tans and volleyball. However, when they spot a scientist who has come to the zoo to observe penguins in their natural climate, they quickly hide all of gear and stand at attention. When Private expresses his concerns about the cold, Skipper quips that the scientist can't hold out much longer. However, the scientist has come prepared with his own heat lamp. Private sets up dummies in order to trick the scientist so they can escape and turn up the heat in the zoo's furnace room.

Kowalski, Skipper and Rico attach a device to the heater that increases the heat output to all the zoo's habitats, but Kowalski is stopped before he can attach a cooling line to relieve steam pressure. He's alerted by Private that Alice is on the way to their habitat, so they are forced to leave.

Kowalski plans on returning to the furnace room as soon as Alice leaves, but she helps the scientist put tracking bracelets on the penguins' feet so they can't leave their habitat. They launch a walkie talkie into the lemur habitat and give them instructions on how to save the zoo.

The lemurs go to the furnace room and Kowalski walks them through the process of relieving the steam pressure. They install the cooling unit but must choose the right red button out of six other red buttons to activate it. King Julien, not wanting to be the one to accidentally destroy the zoo, has Mort do it. When Mort finally selects a button and turns it, nothing happens. It turns out the lemurs have accidentally installed the cooling device on the cooling system, and now the build up of pressure in furnace is capable of taking out the whole city. Kowalski informs them that they must flood the whole place to relieve the pressure. King Julien twists the valve to release the pressure and saves the day.

The scientist leaves with his findings which includes information about new method of penguin communication. (High-fives, Low-fives, & the Too-slow)