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The Amarillo Kid is the main antagonist of Mr. Tux. A long time ago, the Amarillo Kid challenged Private to a game of mini golf, back when Private was one of the best mini golf players and was known as Mr. Tux. Private quit after the game, which ended in a tie, because he had to hit a little possum girl's ice cream cone (it was a double scoop ) to tie it up. Though Private admitted that the pressure made him quit after all.

Several years later, he arrived at the Central Park Zoo to challenge Private to a game to prove he's the best in Mr. Tux. At first, Private refuses to fight him. Enraged by this, the Kid locked down the entire zoo and threatened to blow it up with a thermonuclear reactor. Private battles him, and though the game is close, Private wins with the help of a cricket he had saved early. Ashamed, the Amarillo Kid leaves.

He later returns in Showdown on Fairway 18, but this time has a changed personality and requests Private's help. And the end, The Amarillo Kid and Private become friends.


He has a thick Southern accent and uses Southern lingo, which often confuses other animals (like when he uses similes). He was incredibly determined to prove himself as the best mini-golf player, and he was willing to cheat and go to extreme actions to do so. He's most likely from Texas.

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