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King Julien’s attempts to destroy Koto are unsuccessful but the allies he's formed all come to help out, and Koto’s wedding turns into all-out battle. The episode ends with a cliffhanger, as Koto notices the only way to end the battle: to kill King Julien.


Julien and his crew are tied up as Xixi reports on the wedding celebration. Koto says that the six prisoners (Julien, his uncle, Karl, Ted, Mary Ann, and Sage) will be sacrificed as a "gift to Amy". However, Koto allows Julien to speak his final words before he will be killed. He speaks for a while, before screaming for Clover's assistance. Horst comes running in to save Mary Ann, but is tranquilized by many guards. Meanwhile, Sage is having fantasies of killing Koto, but killing everyone else in the progress, struggling to contain his rage. Koto ignores him, and places him on a chair. When Julien asks if it comes in different colours, Koto silences him, and shows him the "attachments" that come with it, deadly weapons. Julien screams.

Underground, Clover is tied to a tree. She fights, trying to escape. She nearly gives up, but then gets a wave of determination. However, she knows not what to do to escape. She sees a butterfly, and thinks for the first time, what would Sage do? She thinks back to when they were previously in the cell together, and Sage said that his soul would leave his body and grab the key. Clover meditates, and it works. Her soul floats out of the cage, but cannot open the door. She floats through the ground and sees Julien screaming. When she tries to stop the machine from killing Julien, she cannot touch anything. She screams in frustration, until she sees Sage. She floats over to him and asks for help. She hears a message from inside his body, telling her he is "not in" right now because he had a mental breakdown. Clover floats away, disheartened. However, she hears vomit, as Jarsh-Jarsh pulls her through a pocket in the sky.

In space, Clover sees Jarsh-Jarsh in front of her. He vomits on her as she explains that she needs Sage but she does not know where he is. Jarsh-Jarsh tells her he is hiding, but he does not know where. When Clover sighs sadly, he picks her head up and tells her he knows someone who knows where Sage is. She happily hugs him and thanks him.

In a field, Jarsh-Jarsh drops Clover down and introduces her to Brendan, Sage's butterfly. Brendan tells Clover Sage needs her help badly, and Clover tells him she wants to help. Brendan offers to take her to him, so Clover climbs atop him. He lifts off the ground.

Brendan drops her off in a jungle of mushrooms. She immediately sees Sage, and rushes over to him, asking what is wrong. He is curled up in a ball sitting up. He tells her he cannot fight, as he cannot control his rage. Clover tells him they can do this together, as together they are the ultimate weapon. Sage tells her he is afraid. To this, Clover rubs his shoulder and tells him she will be right beside him, and help him control his rage. She offers her paw, which Sage accepts. The couple ride Brendan back into the real world, where they jump into Sage's body. Clover happily realizes that when both she and Sage use their paws, they can touch things. Together, they launch their ultimate weapon. They break free Sage's body's bounds and begin attacking the machine. They save Julien's life, and punch Koto down to the ground. They even free the other prisoners. When they are done, both are back in their own bodies. As they punch Koto, Clover pants from her prison cell and comments that hitting him felt great. Sage grunts loudly, before bowing. Julien thanks them together as "Clager", before telling Koto to eat the dust. Koto tells Julien that his brother only delayed his death, and that he still has an entire army. He assembles his army. Julien does not know what to do, and pees himself. Karl appears to tell Koto that his plan is cunning but he has yet to unleash his greatest invention yet. A large space station appears in the sky, ready to shoot down the mountain lemurs. However, Julien insists he press the button that shoots down the army. However, he presses the wrong one, destroying the space station by accident. Koto laughs and orders his guards to attack.

Julien and his crew hide behind Sage, as Mary Ann picks out the tranquilizer darts from her husband's back. He lifts up his head and asks for one lasts shared sip of his beverage. Mary Ann admits that she never stopped loving him, and they drink their drink until Julien interrupts them. Just then, Morts start pouring from the sky like rain. They wipe out many guards. Julien is thrilled. Minutes later, Pancho appears with the blimp full of Russian space monkeys, but the blimp soon crashes. Soon after, Maurice arrives with the snail army, protected by bells. Julien screams in excitement. The bells plow down the walls of the prison, freeing the interns. Everyone gets into the battle. Julien and his crew also heavy things down at the mountain lemurs who are trying to attack them. Julien even throws his uncle. Sage notices a green butterfly and remembers Clover is still imprisoned. He drills down to her.

Multiple shots of the battle are seen, as members of every species join the fight against the mountain lemurs.

Sage drills down into the ground to find Clover. She thanks him for rescuing her, as he tells her his heart wants to be with her. He breaks her binds. She walks over to the hole Sage drilled, and he lets her use his paws as a step. She pulls him up with her, ready to fight alongside him.

On the battlefield, Maurice is surrounded by snails. They tell him to use his musk gland to summon the Great Jingle Jangle, a huge snail. He does, and the snail arrives. However, Ted knocks over some salt nearby, and believes it is bad luck if he does not throw some over his left shoulder. When he does, it gets onto Jingle Jangle, shrinking him. The mountain lemurs cheer. Julien then spots Maurice, and heads over to him. The two hug happily.

Just as Julien believes they might win this battle, Koto says he has finally had enough of Julien, and claims that he will not lose this battle to Julien and believes that easiest way to stop this is to finish off of Julien here and now. Clover, Maurice and Mort look on in horror, with Koto yelling to Julien:"Die, Julien! DIE!!!" As Koto throws his sword at him in the mid-air, in slow motion, as Julien's friends yell out at in horror. Julien stops laughing after noticing the sword, frozen with fear. The screen fades to black as Julien's yelp is heard, leaving the episode with a cliffhanger.



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