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Skipper falls in love with an injured falcon, a predator and threat amongst the zoo and park animals.


When a beautiful falcon named Kitka crash lands in the zoo, Skipper insists that she stays to recuperate. She promises not to "eat" any of the zoo animals while she is there.

But, when King Julien is kidnapped, everyone (except Skipper) thinks that she took him because of Maurice's observation of a falcon swooping down and carrying Julien off. As it turns out, a male falcon is the one who took Julien and Kitka flew off to stop him.

Skipper tells everyone they shouldn't have been so quick to blame her. She says she only ate one squirrel who wasn't even in the zoo.

Everyone looks at her, as she gets sick and throws up Fred. Skipper then ends the episode saying "I think we should see other people."