Hans: In ze happy little land of Hoboken,
Hans & Lulu: Where an unkind word is never spoken!
You can bet your left flipper,
That we'll get you feeling chipper.

All Hoboken Animals: Today!

Clemson: For the price of a lousy subway token,
You can catch the next train to Hoboken!
Let our wares lose the cares!
Lulu: From our droopy derrieres!
Savio, Lulu, & Hans: Okay!

Hans: Ve vere vonce qvite rotten.
Savio: [spoken] Tragic yet true.
Hans: Naughty ninnies vone and all vere ve.
Lulu: [spoken] Not me!
Hans: Yes, fine, I vas speaking generally.
Rhonda: But here our past is forgotten.
Clemson: [spoken] So, we're good? I'm good!
All Hoboken Animals: It's the endless summer,
Life of zoo luxury!

Hans, Savio & Clemson: In the perky peppy land of Hoboken,
Where your anger never gets provoken!
Rhonda: No more holding bitter grudges.
Hans: Every Tuesday we make fudges.
Private: No way! [spoken]  What?

Clemson: It's paradise!
Savio: [spoken] They serve the freshest mice.
Lulu: It turns the bad to nice.
All Hoboken Animals: In the happy little land of Ho--

(Skipper attacks everyone, effectively ending the song.)


Frances: In the shiny tiny land of Hoboken,
Where nothing's ever dirty or broken.
Here's a tip, stay awhile.
Take a trip, to the smile
In the happy little land of Hoboken,
Skipper: [spoken] (Dark mastermind.)
Kowalski: [spoken] (Totally)!


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