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The Penguins go up against the deadliest animal in the zoo yet: Giant tentacles that suck you up!. Kowalski must learn to trust his gut or will everyone disappear forever?


Skipper is training the penguins to fight blindfolded by trusting their instincts. Kowalski is having trouble as he over-thinks and analyzes every situation scientifically. Meanwhile, new neighbors have moved in and no one has seen them yet so Marlene takes it upon herself to go welcome them with flowers and a cake.

Everyone else is too busy to go with her except Mort, whom was ordered to go with her because he was annoying King Julien. As Marlene and Mort venture into the habitat, Mort spots footprints that he apparently recognizes, but before he can identify the creature, a tentacle shoots down and sucks him away. Marlene evades the tentacles long enough to escape to Penguin HQ.

In HQ, Marlene relays the tale to the penguins and the lemurs, and the whole gang heads to the habitat.

King Julien and Maurice show up to give the new neighbors the portrait of him. Private finds more footprints that Maurice and Julien recognize, but the two are captured before they can reveal the creatures' identity. The creatures start picking up the animals one by one until it is just Kowalski. Kowalski puts on his blindfold and finally trusts his instincts. The creatures turn out to be chameleons who were just trying to invite the animals into their habitat.