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One Sentence Summary

Private wants to buy a gift for Christmas to a polar bear named Ted, after his absence during eggnog drinking, Skipper with Kowalski and Rico wants to found Private, who's in trouble. Also, the penguins are celebrating Christmas with Ted.


Private is looking around the zoo using their periscope. While most of the animals (including Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman) seem happy, Ted the Polar Bear is all alone. Determined to find a present for Ted and make sure he's happy at Christmas, Private slips out of Central Park all alone. While roaming the streets of Manhattan, he is captured by Nana (the mean old lady from the first film) who mistakes him for a chew toy for her vicious dog, Mr. Chew. Meanwhile, Skipper, Kowalski, and Rico discover Private's absence (only when they were going over everything before eating) and set out to rescue him. Only to find Private had been bought by Nana.

They have an intense fight against Mr. Chew which somehow goes entirely unnoticed by Nana, who is busy watching a football game. When they are done, they stuff Mr. Chew into a stocking. Before leaving, Skipper lets Rico blow up the door with dynamite, which is a running gag in the film, finally attracting Nana's attention, and blames Mr. Chew for making the mess.

At the end of the film they invite Ted to their home, but he had already invited several other guests (consisting of the chimps, Alex, Marty, Gloria, Melman, the camels, the elephants, the macaws, the toucans, Roy, the so many animals the people the ostriches, an unnamed bonobo and Roger), resulting in a massive sing-a-long to a parody of Jingle Bells.

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