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Julien gives up his kingdom to help a fellow royal in distress, only to discover he's been tricked by two old enemies.


King Julien finds a letter in a bottle after covering Mort with sand. The letter says to send mangoes to help a royal in distress to reclaim his throne, and Julien will get four times as many mangoes in return.

Clover finds a gift in the middle of nowhere using a map that was dropped off at her hut. The gift comes from her "secret admirer".

Meanwhile, more mangoes arrive at the beach. Julien eagerly sends more items, including all the lemurs in the kingdom.

When nothing returns, King Julien leaves in toliet ship with Maurice and Mort to help the king in need. When they get there, they knock on the door. They are met by Crimson, who drags them inside.

Inside, Xixi can be found starting her new show called "Prison Break". The lemurs are found doing forced labour. Uncle King Julien then reveals himself, and traps his nephew in the "Iron Booty".

King Julien is forced to wear the iron booty, and is forced inside a box to be "broken in" to submission.

Meanwhile, Clover is lead up a mountain by her "admirer", but when she gets there, no one is waiting. Suddenly, Sage appears. He says he was sent by Clover to kill somebody named Clover. Clover then realizes that he was sent by her twin sister Crimson. She then finds out where Feartopia is based on her incredible knowledge of the clams that Sage has brought back from the island.

Meanwhile, King Julien starts going crazy in the box, eating bugs, laughing out loud, crying, and talking to himself. Crimson takes him out of the box and forces Julien to dance, but Julien is unable to move.

But later, at Uncle Julien's hut, Julien steals the key and rubs his Iron Booty in his uncle's face. Maurice and King Julien wake up the kingdom and try to escape, but Crimson stops them. Clover arrives, and leaps down from above, landing on her sister. The key is knocked from her paws, but Uncle Julien grabs it. However, the lemurs chase after him. Clover and Crimson begin fighting, arguing about who is jealous of who.

Julien and Uncle King Julien fight for the key. Clover and Crimson eventually soften, and stop fighting. They apologize and hug. Mort eats the key accidentally, and Julien manages to free his butt from the Iron Booty. He slaps his uncle down, and tells him he can stay forever alone in his "Feartopia". The others leave for the kingdom.

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