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King Julien and Maurice arrive on an island full of lady lemurs; Sage and Clover attempt to train a hawk; Mort gains intelligence on Koto.


The king, Maurice, Ted, and Pancho arrive on an unknown island. Out of the jungle, a group of female lemurs arrive, bearing food. All except Ted gobble up the food offered, and the females guide them towards the jungle. Ted is hesitant at first but eventually follows Julien.

With Clover, she and Sage discuss their plan. Clover is thrilled as Sage's guru possesses an "ultimate weapon". However, when she asks him how long it will take to get there, he answers that it will take years as the guru's mountain is very far. Clover immediately solves this by saying he should call his hawk, who would take them there. However, he says he cannot. When she asks why, he says it is because the two are no longer talking, after a sort of breakup.

There's a flashback of three scenes of the strained relationship between Sage and his hawk: Sage is angered with his hawk for putting an empty milk carton back into the pantry instead of throwing it away; Hawk gives Sage a bitter look, even silent treatment while reading a bedtime story which Sage finds "so original", exasperating him; the last scene we see where Sage is leaving his hut to meet up with his lemur friends, but hawk screeches at him jealously, but Sage assures him that there'll be a lot of hawk, but he'll think of him, but hawk still screeches at him, which was a final straw for Sage, who responds it by frustratedly exclaiming that there's so much drama, and slams the door in rage, with the picture of Sage and his hawk cracks to the ground, signifying the end of their friendship.

Flashback ends with Sage is sad and misses his hawk. Enraged, Clover screams. She calms herself by asking how to get another hawk to fly them there. Sage says they must find an unhatched egg and watch the hawk's birth. He cries, remembering the birth of his own hawk, but his face is met with Clover's fist. The two hurry off together.

In the kingdom, Mort is exhausted with his new job of entertaining Koto. Repeating the same trick over and over, he asks to try something new. Koto disapproves. Mort resumes the same trick yet again.

At the mysterious island, the group are stuffing themselves with food, save Ted. However, Maurice too becomes suspicious that they are being "too nice" to them. Julien shoots this idea down. Maurice then proceeds to mention the kingdom, which upsets Julien as he does not want to talk about anything stressful. The two argue, before Julien sends Maurice off saying he cannot not ride his "express train to Happy-ville". Maurice leaves, huffing.

With Clover and Sage, the pair make it to the top of a large mountain. Breathless, Clover tells him they made it. However, she turns her back just as the eggs crack open. Shocked, they look on as the mother hawk arrives to her young. Sage says they are too late, and they will never know the joys of hawk parenthood. Clover asks desperately if there is another way, but Sage says there is not. Clover watches him as he weeps.

In the kingdom, the interns are receiving food. In Mort's bowl, Rob has left a note telling him to meet in the toilet. Later that day, Mort makes his way to the toilet, where he is greeted by Rob. Rob tells him he has taken it upon himself to begin a resistance movement against Koto. He tells Mort that as his jester, he will have access to valuable information. He tells Mort to bring back important information from Koto, and leaves.

At the island, Maurice is angrily walking away from where the group was. He stumbles into a cave, where he discovers corpses. Shocked, he runs away, but is knocked out.

On the mountain, Clover has had enough of Sage's sobbing. She slaps him, and tells him they will steal a hawk if they must. She tries first, but is pecked by the mother hawk. Sage notes that she is very angry. Clover eagerly jumps on him, telling him to use his knowledge of hawk language to speak to the mother and ask for one of her babies. She pushes him in front of her. The two exchange squawks before Sage attempts to take one of the babies. Using him as her cover, Clover takes one of the babies and jumps back behind the bushes, calling for Sage.

Night has fallen over the kingdom. Mort sneaks into the toilet hut, where he tells Rob his newfound information. Koto's favourite color is red, and he eats his eggs over easy. Rob angrily tells him this is useless information. He sends Mort off, telling him to get better information about Koto.

On the island, Julien lays on a hammock while Pancho is sprawled out on the ground. Ted arrives to tell Julien that Maurice is missing. Julien ignores him, saying he must be off sulking. Ted leaves, ready to find Maurice himself.

With Clover, Sage looks on as she begins her training session with the kidnapped hawk. She tells him angrily to eat some maggots, as he needs his strength to carry the pair. Sage tells her to be gentle, to which she tells him to be quiet. When the hawk refuses to eat again, she screams that he cannot even understand what she is saying. The hawk responds with pecking her.

In the kingdom, Mort smashes plates against his head, to Koto's amusement. His captain soon arrives, telling him he has a status report on his statue, which is being built for him. Koto hears it will be finished in a week, and tells him they can finally get rid of all the interns. The captain asks if it is wise to discuss these matters in front of Mort, but Mort bangs his head against a plate to show his stupidity. Koto tells his captain to relax, as Mort, inside his mind, laughs at this new and useful information he has gained.

On the island, Ted seeks Maurice but ends up lost himself. He mumbles that the day could not get any worse.

On the mountain, Clover reveals to Sage the tame hawk. Clover barks at him to do a few things, showing he is now under her command. She mounts him, bragging that her aggressive approach works. Sage comes up beside her, telling her she may have scared him, but has yet to earn his love. The hawk watches the rest of his family take off in the sky, and turns to Clover with wide, wet eyes. Clover at first tells him she is a hardened warrior who will not back down. However, she gives in to her soft spot after she realizes what she has done. She removes the hawk's saddle and tells him to go free. She watches him fly away. Sage comes up beside her and tells her she did the right thing. Just then, Sage's hawk swoops down to the mountain. He tells Sage he heard of Clover's kind act, and returned to take them to Sage's guru. Clover is happy to hear this, and clings to Sage as the couple fly off on their hawk.

Mort rushes to Rob's toilet, and tells him the news that Koto plans to kill the interns. Rob is shocked, and tells him they must warn everyone. He leaves.

On the island, Julien wakes to find himself in a cage with Maurice and Pancho. Maurice tells him of the bones in the cave, just as laughter can be heard in the background. Julien turns his head to see Crimson, who tells him she is the queen of this island, and that she plans to feed them to the hungry tentacle who lives on the island. She even tells Julien she will sacrifice him first.

In a cave on the island, a hungry tentacle monster is seen crushing a lemur skull.


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