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After Clover is knocked unconscious, the entire kingdom plays along when she wakes up believing she’s living in a make-believe storybook world.


Clover was writing her story writing was interrupted by the noise of King Julien's safety boat evacuation. When the boat was falling onto a bunch of old lemurs, she gets her head hit hard and goes unconscious. She was taken near Dr. S who says to the others to act with her in her story. Characters are given and King Julien was disappointed since he had to be a squire (while Maurice was a Knight.). The quest progresses and King Julien gets bored of it. Ultimately, he leaves them. King Julien meets Rob who makes him understand that each person is the star of their own story. King Julien learns a new lesson here which helped him to be a great lemur. He understands that it is not badtro be a side kick and understands that he is not the star of another person's story

Meanwhile, Clover, Maurice and Ted went to fight the double headed dragon who were Masikura and Maggie. Since the 2 lizards did not face them, they went forth to save Norge. Out of the blue, they got caught to a trap set by Mort, who is Chevalier. Ted says that he is very convincing but gets afraid when Mort decides to put them to a volcano. Here, Mort is rather in to the character and is acting like a true villain and is not acting. At this moment, King Julien comes with the sword. King Julien and Clover begun to apologise each other and was developing to a touching and nice conversation before Maurice reminded that they are about to fall to a volcano. King Julien throws the sword and Clover cuts through the net. Mort tries to flee but Clover stops him. Mort decides to fight her with a banana, but the banana gets thrown into the volcano. Mort says "Hi," and Maurice asks King Julien whether they going to let Clover kill Mort. King Julien says we can't play Frank and Maurice convinces him to call Clover. Meanwhile, Mort had decided to fall into the volcano to save Clover's brain. Luckily, Clover finishes her story before she killed Mort. That night, Clover ends her story where Barnaby was promoted to a Knight.

All Hail King Julien Episodes [Expand/Collapse]

Season 1

King Me · Poll Position · Enter the Fanaloka · Empty is the Head · Return of the Uncle King · Eat, Prey, Shove · He Blinded Me With Science · Viva Mort · The Really Really Big Lie · One More Cup

Season 2

My Fair Foosa · Diapers Are the New Black · Crimson and Clover · Pineapple Of My Eye · Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie: The Game · Body Double · Election · Daddy Julien · That's Sooo Rob · The Man in The Iron Booty · Monkey Planet · True Bromance · The King Who Would Be King · Are You There, Frank? It's Me, King Julien · The Phantom of Club Moist · King Juli-END?

Season 3

O Captain My Captain Pt. 1 · O Captain My Captain Pt. 2 · Dance, Dance, Resolution · Oh Brother Where Aren't Thou? · Love Gauntlet · Jungle Games · Close Encounters of the Mort Kind · The Butterfly War · Fast Food Lemur Nation · Get Off My Lawn · Revenge of the Prom · Eye of the Clover · Run for the Border

Season 4

The All Hail King Julien Show · The Neverending Clover · Who Arted? · That Sinking Feeling · The Jungle Rooster · The Good Book · The King and Mrs. Mort · King Julien Superstar! · The Panchurian Candidate · The Wrath of Morticus Khan · Koto, Plain and Tall · I, Maurice · Un-King Me


The Strife Aquatic · The Most Eggcellent Adventure · Iron Ted Weekend · Bridge on the River Mort · Raiders of the Lord Shark · Bad-Year Blimp · Cult Fiction · Fauxsa Unchained · I Am Fartacus · For Whom the Bell Gods Toll · Out of the Foosa Pen and into the Fire · The Day After Yesterday · The Day Before Tomorrow

Season 5

Julien 2.0 · Spin Cycle · Night Creatures · Tears in the Drain · Squad Goals · One More Cup, Part 2 · There Will Be Juice · Blackboard Jungle · Lord of the Fruit Flies · Karl-Mageddon · King Julien is Watching You · The End is Near · The End is Here

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