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The Penguins of Madagascar was an American TV show based on the Madagascar movies. The show follows the adventures of the penguins from the movie chain (Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private) as well as lemurs (King Julien, Maurice, Mort), and the chimps (Phil and Mason).

The show is set in the Central Park Zoo. The show first aired as a "sneak peek" on November 28, 2008 and ended on December 19, 2013. However, the show aired reruns on Nicktoons until February 3, 2017. The show was also made available on Paramount+ in certain countries.

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The Penguins of Madagascar is a spin-off of the "Madagascar" films, even though it occasionally makes a few references to them. The series follows the adventures of four penguins: Skipper, Kowalski, Private, and Rico, who perform various paramilitary missions to protect their home in the Central Park Zoo. The penguins often have to deal with problems caused or made worse by the lemurs King Julien XIII, Maurice, and Mort.

The series was released 21 days after the second movie. DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg has stated that "there is at least one more chapter. We ultimately want to see the characters make it back to New York."

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"The Penguins of Madagascar" is an animated show currently airing on the Nickelodeon network. The series is based on the military-esque adventures of 4 penguins living in the Central Park Zoo in New York. The penguins had their first appearance in the movies "Madagascar" in 2005 where they were part of a subplot to try to make it back to their homeland of Antarctica by hijacking a ship. They find Antarctica too cold and eventually end up on the warm island of Madagascar. "Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa" was the 2008 sequel to "Madagascar" and once again featured the penguins antics as they tried to reconstruct an old airplane in order to leave Africa.

The penguins had their first separate adventure in an animated short called "The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper" which aired in theaters on October 7, 2005 with the stop-motion film, "Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit". This short was included on later editions of of the "Madagascar" and "Shrek" DVDs which were both released on November 15, 2005. This was also the unofficial pilot episode of the TV show.

It was decided in 2006 that there should be a Nicktoon based on the "Madagascar" movie. No details about anything having to do with the show or its characters were confirmed until November 2007, when Nickelodeon advertised a sneak peak of three new shows that were coming to Nickelodeon for the 2008 year.

Due to a delay of the release of the movie "Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa" to November 7, 2008, the Nickelodeon show was also delayed. Season one was confirmed for 26 episodes and in January 2009, even before the shows actual television premier, a second season was confirmed for another 26 episodes, bringing the total to 52.On February 6, 2009, the double DVD Pack of "Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa" was released and came with a preview DVD of the show, featuring the episodes “Popcorn Panic” and “Gone in a Flash". The "Popcorn Panic" episode was shown in many other countries around the world before airing on Nickelodeon on May 9, 2009.

On November 28, 2008, the first two episodes, "Popcorn Panic" and "Gone in a Flash" aired as part of a "Super Stuffed Nicktoons Weekend" along with two other contenders for new shows, "The Mighty B!" and "Making Fiends". They aired right before 7 brand new episodes of the sixth season of "SpongeBob Squarepants".

The actual series premier happened on March 28, 2009 with the episodes "Launchtime" and "Haunted Habitat". The premier occurred right after the Nickelodeon 2009 Kids' Choice Awards and drew 6.1 million viewers making it Nickelodeon's most watched series premier of all time.

Each half hour show consists of two 11 minute episodes and are not permanently paired, meaning the two episodes shown together in the half-hour time slot might not be the same pair as a future airing of the show. The show is co-produced by DreamWorks Animation and Nickelodeon Animation Studios (both in California), and the animation is done by DK Ent. and Paprikaas studios in India. For voice casting, the series used many original voice actors from the "Madagascar" movies. However, a few of the original movie voice talents were not able to do work for the show due to other involvements so other actors had to be found. The final cast ended up being perfect and unless noted, one cannot tell the difference between the film and show voices!

There are other small differences between the movies and the show such as the zoo grounds/habitats and certain features of some the animals. The 4 penguins were given different silhouettes than their movie counterparts in order to better tell them apart. Many new animals now live at the zoo as well, most likely in order to form new stories for episodes around.

The actual show revolves around the adventures of the 4 penguins, Skipper, Kowalski, Private and Rico as they try to get by on a daily basis and protect their habitat at the Central Park Zoo. Everything they do is treated as a strategic military style commando/spy mission and each team member plays a certain role in the group. They are often harassed by a trio of lemurs from Madagascar, King Julien, Maurice and Mort. The events of the series are supposedly set after "Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa" but it is unknown as to how the penguins and lemurs arrived at the zoo without the other characters from the Madagascar movies. The show started production before an ending to "Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa" had been established. Rumor has it that Tom McGrath (creator of the show and voice of Skipper) said "It's not specifically before or after the movie, I just wanted them all back at the zoo. I think of it as taking place in a parallel universe." Despite the fact that he says the show isn’t specifically right after the first Madagascar movie, but took place sometime after the movie, Many People misread his statement, and believed it was set in a own alternate universe By using his end quote "I think of it as taking place in a parallel universe". (even though Tom McGrath stated he thinks of them as like they’re in a different universe, not it’s in a different universe.), this will later be confirmed to be in the same universe as the films, with episodes such as "The All Nighter Before Christmas", and "The Return of the Revenge of Dr Blowhole". When A third installment of the movie series was confirmed fans of the show thought the third movie would hopefully complete the missing storyline segments! This would later be false, as the Penguins, Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, And Private. The Chimps, Mason and Phil. And the lemurs, King Julien, Maurice, And Mort. Joined a circus At the end of Madagascar 3. Though it is most likely that the show takes place after "Penguins of Madagascar the movie" as it makes sense as the penguins have left the circus and most likely the lemurs and chimps came back with them, so this is most likely when the show takes place.

Many elements of the show also got adapted into the lore of "Madagascar" with Mort being obsessed with king Julien's feet first being introduced in the show as well as the penguins redesigns being adapted for their spinoff movie. Even though the show might not be considered by fans to be fully canon many elements of it have been made canon so one can assume that the show is considered full canon by DreamWorks.


The Penguins of Madagascar doesn't comes before or after the events of Madagascar. Tom McGrath (creator of the show and voice of Skipper) said "It's not specifically before or after the movie, I just wanted them all back at the zoo. I think of it as taking place in a parallel universe." Despite the fact that he says the show isn’t specifically right after the first Madagascar movie, but took place sometime after the movie.

After the Installment of Madagascar 3: Europe Most wanted, fans of the show thought the third movie would hopefully complete the missing storyline segments! This would later be false, as the Penguins, Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, And Private. The Chimps, Mason and Phil. And the lemurs, King Julien, Maurice, And Mort. Joined a circus At the end of Madagascar 3. Though it is most likely that the show takes place after "Penguins of Madagascar the movie" as it makes sense as the penguins have left the circus and most likely the lemurs and chimps came back with them, so this is most likely when the show takes place.

The Show takes place in the Central Park Zoo where the Penguins, The Lemurs and Chimps returned. The Penguins chose to live in to zoo to have a safe place to start a secret organization to stop their enemies and have different adventures but King Julien, Maurice, and Mort Comes with them under Julien's Command since he also wants to be King of New York. They stopped crimes, and made enemies on the way, including a evil one-eyed dolphin named, Dr. Blowhole, a Danish Puffin named Hans. and more.

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Main Characters

  • Skipper: The Leader and Commander of the penguins secret elite unit. Most of the Missions in the Episode are led by him. Skipper has the heart of an action hero and the swagger to match. He's a natural leader with a single-minded focus on results. Skipper approaches every situation with intensity, which may explain his overly active imagination. To Skipper, every innocent coincidence appears to be a nefarious conspiracy. It's a good thing that he's 100% confident that only his team is capable of finding the truth.
  • Kowalski: The Brain of the penguins organization and Skipper's Options guy (Most of the time). When Skipper needs analysis or an immediate invention, Kowalski is there with his crayon, notebook and slightly skewed scientific method. His inventions that 'help' them with different missions and problems, fails most of the time due to his forgetting to fix something or him overthinking the science. Kowalski's authoritative attitude covers up the fact that he usually doesn't have a clue or is unaware of what's happening .
  • Rico: The supplies supporter of the penguins organization. Rico is the ultimate loose cannon and has (literally) internalized his role as a demolitions expert. He has an entire munitions department in his gut and the remarkable ability to "retrieve" on-demand the appropriate bomb or any number of useful items. He loves violence and can regurgitate anything on command. He can also manage what he can regurgitate. He is obsessed with explosives and always bring up bombs and other types of explosives.
  • Private: Private is a bit fuzzy on who he is and his role in the penguins organization. Since he's not so sure of himself, Private is completely open to every experience and situations. He either can be a distraction, Skipper's right hand man, the sacrifice, or a replacement. He also have an obsession with the show "Lunacorns", along with going to their events, buying their merchandise, and even citing advice and words of wisdom the characters on the show say, much to the annoyance of his fellow penguins and animals. Unlike the other penguins, He doesn't appear to get angry at the lemurs like the other penguins, even offering to help them in several episodes and is even proud of doing something good for them (even though the other penguins aren't).

Secondary Characters

Characters that appear in a lot of episode but not all of them

  • Julien: A Ring-tailed lemur who appears regularly, often noisily and unintentionally annoying Skipper and pretty much everyone. He is the self-proclaimed "King of the Zoo" no doubt due to his former king status on Madagascar. Only Mort and Maurice truly believe and respect him as their king, everyone else just humors him, showing up to his royal decrees. Because he is extremely conceited, selfish and rather dim-witted, Julien is a terrible king. It seems that he will only let people talk good about him. Julien could even be narcissistic in that way. But it has been referenced twice in the series that deep down, he mainly wants his friends to stay by his side.
  • Maurice: Maurice is Julien's right hand man and Royal Advisor. Maurice is more intelligent than King Julien, Mort and most of the other lemurs combined. He does not share the other two lemurs' bad cases of the "stupids" (natural stupidity). He is more grounded than any of the other lemurs or penguins. He is extremely loyal to King Julien and is like an older brother to Mort. He usually thinks King Julien is bizarre, but he also loves dancing and parties, assisting the King with his insane and selfish plans, and is entirely loyal to him.
  • Mort: Mort is One of Julien's Followers and he respects him. Mort is so cute and popular that he was even put on the cover of the zoo brochure. His plush toys are a popular sale in the zoo, and he even has a t-shirt design. Visitors to the zoo comment on how adorable he is just as much as they do on Private. Although Mort is both disliked and pushed around by King Julien, he does not seem to be bothered by it. A big reason why Mort likes King Julien is because of King Julien's feet. Because of this, he always volunteers to help King Julien. Although King Julien dislikes him, he actually enjoys Mort worshiping him, as he has confessed many times.
  • Marlene: Marlene is super smart, beautiful, funny, level-headed female otter. She believes that Skipper's far too paranoid. Sometimes, she's proven right and other times, she's proven wrong. On the other hand, sometimes, Marlene is the one who prompts the penguins to take action. Despite Marlene usually being sensible, she dreams of having somebody play Spanish guitar music to her. Marlene always becomes wild and feral as soon as she's outside the zoo walls (but she seems fine inside the sewers). However, on occasion, this has been forgotten.

Recurring and Supporting Characters

Characters that appear regularly

  • Burt: Burt is generally peaceful, honest, and cultured Elephant. He enjoys Victorian literature and is an accomplished abstract artist. He is something of a gentle giant and a romanticist, generally remembering his youth with fondness.
  • Bada and Bing: Bada and Bing are strong gorillas, share a habitat together (Might also be brothers). They doesn't like sharing anything, especially air space and bananas.
  • Mason: Mason is a chimpanzee that resides in the Central Park Zoo with his fellow chimpanzee Phil. Mason is a very intelligent chimp and enjoys the finer things in life such as poetry, fine cuisine, and artwork, along with throwing poop at people.
  • Phil: Phil is a mute chimpanzee who has dark brown fur. Although he is mute, he is an avid (having or showing a keen interest in or enthusiasm for something) reader where he can communicate with American Sign Language and can read properly with Mason being able to translate his sign language. He knows how to read the English language and often interprets things for Mason.
  • Joey: Joey is an aggressive, irritable and territorial male red kangaroo with an Australian accent who hates other animals in his enclosure, especially Julien and the penguins. If someone comes into his habitat he will attack the animal to make them go away.
  • Leonard: Leonard is incredibly paranoid Koala, seemingly afraid of everything, especially the penguins (since he knows the penguins has done destructive things before). He tends to be anti-social and nervous as well, which is probably because of the fact that he has a fear of everything (Panophobia or Pantophobia).
  • Max: Max (called "Moon-Cat" by the penguins) is a stray tabby cat that lives on the top of a building in New York. He wanted to eat the penguins when they landed on 'the Moon' and invited them to his house to kill them but fails. He later becomes friends with them.
  • Fred: Fred, a clueless, dumb, and squirrel who lives in central park and meets (sometimes helps) the penguins on their mission outside the zoo. Even with his stupidity, he has a lot of knowledge of his species history and is able to help the penguins and some of the zoosters in a treasure hunt in The Lost Treasure of the Golden Squirrel.
  • Roger: A kind, and humble alligator who lived in the sewer, Now in the Central park zoo is the penguins friend that they met in the sewer. Although he appears to be a alligator, a dangerous predator, he appears to be kind and friendly, even against violence.
  • Eggy: A baby duck who was taken cared by the penguins and Julien when it was still in his egg until he hatched and returned to his mom. Because Eggy was born under the Penguin's and Julien's watch, he has inherited individual traits of their personalities: Skipper's gusto, Rico's love for destruction, Kowalski's knowledge, Private's adorability and Julien's Dancing Skills & Personality.
  • Lemmy (LEM-R): A robot who was send to the Central Park zoo to learn how to be a lemur before the company of the robot sends it to space. Julien becomes friends with him to teach him how to dance like him but after the penguins find out they going to send him to space, they take him and teach him how to fight but it's no use because when Lemmy was send to space, he started dancing and was showed to be killed by the Space Squid.
  • Lulu: Lulu is a female chimpanzee first that appeared in Monkey Love, who stayed with Mason and Phil while her habitat was being repaired at the Hoboken Zoo.
  • Roy: Roy is a white rhinoceros. Roy gets easily agitated with others (namely Julien) when they bother him. And as is typical for a rhino he charges when agitated. He also isn't a big fan of loud noises, like the lemurs boom box or Marlene's Spanish Guitar.
  • Pinky: Pinky is a flamingo and first appeared in Go Fish to help the penguins to get fish. She later appears in other episodes but doesn't really play a major role in the episodes.
  • Mother Duck: A female duck who is the mother of Eggy and lives on a pond in Central Park.
  • Jiggles: Jiggle is one of Kowalski's living invention. Although one seriously consumed fruit, he eventually begins to rampage through the zoo, destroying objects in his path to claim his food, even 'eating' Kowalski and Julien. Although the other Penguins believe the Jiggles is dead, Kowalski has actually shrunk him down to a smaller size and hidden the Jiggles in his lab.
  • Chuck Charles: Chuck Charles is a news-reporter for Channel 1. He is the reporter most commonly shown, and seems obsessed with his hair. He also provides the breaking news to the penguins for them to solve it.
  • Bonnie Chang: Chuck Charles's assistant and Co-anchor on Channel One news. She's also the one to go down and see the chaos of the news.
  • Buck Rockgut: A Secret penguin agent and According to Skipper, he is their "Greatest American Penguin Hero". Because he was the bird who brought down Penguin Enemy #1: The Red Squirrel, who then escaped. He has grown extremely obsessed and paranoid from waiting the red squirrel to appear again that he will accuse anyone of being the red squirrel.
  • Randy: Randy is a sheep who lives in the petting zoo. He appears to have a case of OCD as seen when he cares very much about the cleanliness and appearance of his fleece, which lead him to bite a child after the latter ripped a piece off of it.
  • Gus: A Worker who comes to the zoo to fix things once a while, Gus is extremely determined to finish any job, even if there is fire, snakes, earthquakes, or freezing cold. He isn't lazy and doesn't like taking the easy way out. He is extremely strong, able to break the floor of the penguins' habitat with a single punch.
  • Pervis McSlade: A Commissioner of different zoos, including the Central Park Zoo and The Hoboken zoo. He first appeared in the episode, In The Line of Doody.
  • Blue Hen: A Hen who first appeared in Mental Hen. She seems to be greedy and is always trying to make herself famous so she could one day claim a high position such as the President of the United States or a Senator of Delaware. She's very smart, has quick thinking and can calculate what will happen but always fails because of the penguins (mostly Kowalski and Skipper).
  • Gladys: An Elderly woman who sneaks food into the Zoo to give to the animals and every animals, loves her, expect the lemur since every time that she shows up to the lemurs habitat, she always assume them as cats and always give them cat food. She first appeared in Gut Instinct.

Villains & Enemies

  • Alice: A zookeeper of the Central Park zoo. She seems to dislike her job and dislikes the penguins due to she believing that the penguins having a secret, and she believes that they are scheming (though she is actually correct in this assumption).
  • Rat King: A Buff rat who is the King of the rats in the sewer under the Central Park zoo. Despite his restricted vocabulary the King Rat is certainly intelligent (or at least, street smart). However he is incredibly overconfident and that is his biggest weakness. He is greedy and not above playing as dirty as it takes to get what he wants.
  • Dr. Blowhole: A Evil One-sided Cyborg eye (Covering a Scar on his right eye that he got Mysteriously) Dolphin that is the penguins arch enemies. Dr. Blowhole is an evil, intelligent, devious, and vengeful villain. Dr. Blowhole is as smart as Kowalski, or at least close to his intelligence. When his memory is erased, since he forgot about his humiliation and all his evil actions, he briefly returned to his old personality which reveals to be kind, playful and friendly.
  • Rhonda: A Female walrus that was shipped to be a zoo's attraction and shared a room with Marlene. She shows to be dumb and very unhygienic due to she being messy in Marlene's habitat and using her stuff. After The Penguins sent Rhonda away (Due to Marlene hating her habits and attuite), It turns out Rhonda was actually a spy sent by Dr. Blowhole to steal Kowalski's invention - and it looks like she's succeeded.
  • Officer X (or Just X): X was an animal control officer who worked for the Metropolitan Sub Bureau of Animal Control and Pretzel Cart Regulation. He doesn't like penguins because he considers them to be "nature's rule breakers," because although they're technically birds, they swim instead of fly and he had been defeated by them a few times and causing him to lose his jobs.
  • Archie: Archie is a raccoon who steals stuff from the zoo. He is a sort of "Robin Hood" character. He speaks with a fake French accent and is friends with Fred. He says that he takes stuff so he can give it to the less fortunate, when he really just takes it for himself. In the end, he is forced to do good deeds by the penguins.
  • Barry: Barry is an adorable Poison Dart Frog - however his touch can cause total paralysis. He is a transfer from the Hoboken Zoo, and he uses his poisonous touch to terrify other animals, and boss them around into doing whatever he wants. All he has to do is lift one finger as a threat. He is not the "hugging type" but he became nicer after Private shows him affection through a contactless hug.
  • Hans: Hans is a puffin that knew Skipper in the past because he is "sorry about Denmark". An incident in Copenhagen allowed Hans to frame Skipper for an unspecified crime (probably involving explosions), making Skipper Denmark's public enemy number one. After Skipper left, the Danes caught on to him, and ousted Hans from the place. Hans went to the zoo to try and get a new base of operations whilst pretending to want to be friends with Skipper, but was defeated by him and was sent to the Hoboken Zoo. He later appears in other episodes.
  • Red Squirrel: A Red Squirrel who lives in a tree in Central Park and is wanted by a lot of agents. The Red Squirrel is evil, cruel, a brilliant strategist and skilled in hand-to-hand combat, able to hold his own against Uncle Nigel and Private. He is also easily annoyed and seems to hate penguins. Living underground for years has left him incredibly light-sensitive in his remaining eye. His left one is gone, replaced by a launch button concealed by a black eyepatch.
  • The Amarillo Kid: A Armadillo who was Private's Competition when Private was still playing golf and was known as Mr. Tux. He was incredibly determined to prove himself as the best mini-golf player, and he was willing to cheat and go to extreme actions to do so.
  • Savio: A powerful Boa constrictor who was once a resident of the Central Park Zoo after he was transferred from Hoboken and became the penguins' enemy. Savio is very intelligent, super powerful as shown when he figured out how to unlock the locks on his habitat, when he gets rid of Burt the elephant (who previously was the only animal who could defeat him), and when he avoids all the traps the penguins had set for him. He also is very deceptive and sly, constantly fooling and confusing his enemies.
  • Cecil & Brick: Two Criminals who were wanted for stealing a expensive diamond in the episode Hot Ice. That penguins stop them from stealing the diamond and got them arrested. They later appeared in another episode, Operation: Antarctica.
  • Clemson: A lemur who was transfer to the Central Park Zoo and tried to take over Julien's Kingdom and be king. However, when he tried to transfer Julien to the Hoboken Zoo, he ended up in the Hoboken zoo himself. Whilst he has a way with words, he's also extremely cunning as well as observant. He caught on to the penguins' plans to thwart him and turned it against them, enticing and tricking each of them into events in which they'd be at a disadvantage.
  • Vesuvius Twins: Two twin brothers from a rich family of the Vesuvius. In terms of personality, the Vesuvius twins are cruel, spoiled, and sadistic. They are known to be in the zoo to bully and torment the animals and made enemies with the animals and the animals all hate them. In the final episode that they were in, they stopped bullying the animals after the penguins thought them a important lesson.
  • Space Squid: A Squid that lives on mars and Comes to earth (pacifically in Central Park) to rule planet earth too and became the penguins enemies and they stopped it many times in different episodes.

One time Appearance Characters

  • Antonio: Antonio is a male otter who lives in the central park zoo. He appears in the ending of Otter Things Have Happened to be Marlene true ideal match, not Fred.
  • Kitka: A female Falcon who lives in New York City and Skipper falls in love with her.
  • Granny Squirrel: A Elderly Squirrel who helped the penguins, the lemurs and Marlene with the treasure hunt in The Lost Treasure of the Golden Squirrel.
  • Shawna: A Vet's Nurse in New York City who helped Private with his injuries and became Private's love in Love Hurts.
  • Uncle Nigel: Nigel is Private's Uncle and is also a super secret agent that came to the Central Park Zoo to meet his Niece, Private and also capture the Red Squirrel but he didn't reveal his plans to the other penguins, Skipper, Rico and Kowalski, instead he acts all normal or either very friendly and welcoming until he revealed his true identity to the other penguins when they were captured by the Red Squirrel.
  • Frances Alberta: The Zookeeper of the Hoboken zoo. In the Episode, The Hoboken Surprise, She is known to be kind and friendly at first but later on, she is actually evil and is making android robot doubles of the animals by using a DNA Scanner on the massage chair to make the zoo look more friendly and to get her a bigger job at the Central Park Zoo.
  • Alex: He appeared in The Return of the Revenge of Dr. Blowhole as Skipper Sprit guide when he lost his memory to Dr. Blowhole's, Mind Jacker. He guided Skipper to learn how to fight again on a remote island, Regain his memories, and also guided and supported him on his way back to New York to be with his penguins brothers to take down Blowhole.
  • Hunter: A young leopard seal who was accidentally brought to New York inside the fishing nets of Antarctic poachers Cecil and Brick. She was saved by Private but at first, Private was scared of her since He believed that Leopard seals eat Penguins but sooner, he trusted her. She appeared in the episode, Operation: Antarctica.
  • Dode: A Dodo that was brought back alive accidently by Kowalski in the Episode, Endangerous Species. He is showed to be fearless and careless, leading to his death but was brought back again by Kowalski. Skipper tricks Dode into a staring contest with the original Dode in the Museum, to basically prevent him from death.
  • Zoe: A ferret that is Gladys pet that pretends to be a cat to trick Gladys to take advantage of her so she can get free food without having to look for it in the streets. She appeared in the episode Feline Fervor. Julien repetitively seeks Zoe's affection, which only serves to annoy her to the point of rigging a scratching post to eject Julien out the window.
  • Ma: A possum who after Rico blows up her home, she becomes overprotective of the penguins and starts to interfere with their missions. and begins to treat the penguins in a loving, motherly manner, which Skipper initially fears will turn his team soft before allowing it after Ma has another episode.
  • Baby Fossa: A baby fossa who arrived in the Central Park Zoo in The Terror of Madagascar and For others, he was not a threat to them but for Julien, he was terrified since a fossa is his biggest fear. When no one was looking, the fossa appear to be biting Julien (Most time from his booty) and later on, the fossa was biting Julien cause the fossa thought that Julien was it's father figure.
  • Pete Peters: A News reporter who replaced Chuck Charles in the episode Goodnight and Good Chuck and was replaced by Chuck Charles in the same episode after he was accused of announcing fake news of the penguins operation on the main channel, even though it was real.
  • Doris: A Dolphin who Kowalski falls in love with. She never had interest in Kowalski and only wanted to be friends with him. She was mentioned in the first episode of the series, Gone in a Flash and other episodes most of the time by Kowalski and only appeared in the final episode of Season 3, The Penguin Who Loved Me. In the end of the episode, Doris tells Kowalski that she loves him now and they kiss for the first time.
  • Parker: A Platypus who works for Dr. Blowhole and appeared in The Penguin Who Loved Me and to find the penguins and Doris to Capture them by telling Doris that her Brother, Francis (Is also Dr. Blowhole) is missing and to get Kowalski to help her and to get the other penguins to help them too.

Main characters cast


Season 1 (2008 - 2010)

  1. Popcorn Panic (November 29, 2008): The animals love being fed popcorn every day. But Alice notices this and bans people from feeding the animals, leading the penguins to go off in search of a new supply of their salty treat.
  2. Gone in a Flash (November 29, 2008): Maurice and Julien fight over a camera, but soon Maurice disappears and needs to be found.
  3. Tangled in the Web (March 28, 2009): When webcams are put up in the zoo grounds, the Penguins lead a breakout when Private becomes famous as Slippy, the world's most famous penguin.
  4. Crown Fools (March 28, 2009): Skipper accidentally drops King Julien's crown into the sewer. While the penguins go down to retrieve it, Marlene tries to calm Julien down by making him a new crown.
  5. Launchtime (March 28, 2009): When Julien, Mort, and Maurice start raiding the Penguins lair, they decide to go lunar and visit...the moon.
  6. Haunted Habitat (March 30, 2009): The penguins investigate a spooky noise that frightens Marlene Under her habitat.
  7. Operation: Plush and Cover (March 31, 2009): The popularity of stuffed Mort dolls causes a jealous Julien to sabotage the toys, and the resulting factory recall puts the real Mort in danger.
  8. Happy King Julien Day! (April 01, 2009): The animals are bribed to celebrate King Julien Day with the promise of receiving a piñata as a reward, but the day itself is only fun for King Julien.
  9. Paternal Egg-Stinct (April 02, 2009): Marlene assigns the penguins egg-watching duty of an egg she found in her habitat, prompting a jealous Julien to try to steal the egg.
  10. Assault and Batteries (April 02, 2009): When Skipper steals the batteries from King Julien's stereo, a wild chase gets them stuck in the pen of a mean kangaroo named Joey, where they must work together to escape, if they don't, they will be dead meat.
  11. Penguiner Takes All (April 06, 2009): King Julien challenges the penguins to a game of Capture the Flag, but every time they play, the lemurs win, resulting in the penguins losing their possessions in every match.
  12. Two Feet High and Rising (April 07, 2009): King Julien decrees a new law stating that anyone who touches his feet will be banished from his kingdom. When Mort breaks this law by accident, the penguins take him in an attempt to rid him of his foot-touching obsession so he can return to the habitat.
  13. The Hidden (April 08, 2009): The Penguins go up against the deadliest animal in the zoo yet: Giant tentacles that suck you up!. Kowalski must learn to trust his gut or will everyone disappear forever?
  14. Kingdom Come (April 09, 2009): King Julien is taken to the hospital after showing strange behavior, so Maurice is left in charge. But Maurice soon develops the same behavior, and begins to rule the zoo with an iron fist. It's up to the penguins and King Julien to stop Maurice before he takes over the zoo then New York.
  15. Little Zoo Coupe (April 18, 2009): King Julien wants to drive the penguins' car, but the penguins refuse. So, he steals Alice's zoo kart and challenges the penguins to a race: winner takes the loser's car.
  16. All Choked Up (April 18, 2009): When Alice puts up a robotic tour guide, the Penguins fear replacement. They wage war on it but get an even bigger mission to complete when Rico fails to regurgitate an activated time-bomb.
  17. Go Fish (April 24, 2009): When the Penguins fish treats get replaces by fishcakes, they lead an operation to get the real fish back. But, King Julien has other ideas...
  18. Miracle on Ice (April 24, 2009): The penguins are challenged by the sewer rats to a game of ice hockey. When they lose, they must enlist the lemurs' help to win their home back.
  19. Eclipsed (May 08, 2009): During a solar eclipse made by the 'sky spirits', Mason and Phil tell King Julien that he has angered them. In order to please them, Julien undergoes a serious attitude change, but this doesn't sit well with the other animals; even less with the penguins.
  20. Needle Point (June 06, 2009): When the Penguins are taken in for injections, Skipper escapes because of the giant needle. The Penguins must now make sure Skipper gets a shot before he leaves the zoo grounds PERMANENTLY!!.
  21. Mort Unbound (June 26, 2009): Mort accidently becomes Kowalski's test subject because he was trying to retrieve King Julien's Mango and becomes very buff. Julien seeing this advantage, he uses Mort's new-found bulk to bully the other zoo animals to get anything from them.
  22. Roomies (June 26, 2009): When Marlene gets a new roommate, the Penguins start to suspect she might be a spy sent to steal Kowalski's latest invention, and she enlists their help to get rid of her when she starts acting rude and disorderly.
  23. Roger Dodger (August 01, 2009): A plan to get Roger's home back goes horribly wrong, and the penguins must stop one of their own from going on a rampage.
  24. Lemur See, Lemur Do (August 01, 2009): When a robot is sent to the zoo to learn from King Julien the penguins believe they must capture and train the robot themselves.
  25. Otter Gone Wild (August 17, 2009): When Marlene leaves the zoo with the penguins, Marlene goes feral upon leaving and “king-naps” King Julien.
  26. Cat's Cradle (August 17, 2009): The penguins help Max the ”moon-cat” escape from the overzealous animal control officer, Officer X.
  27. Misfortune Cookie (August 18, 2009): When the zoosters open their fortune cookie, Rico gets a cursed one but the penguins doesn't in it So King Julien tries to convince Rico that “misfortune cookie” curses are real.
  28. Monkey Love (August 19, 2009): The penguins try to help Phil hook up with a visiting chimpanzee named Lulu.
  29. Skorca! (August 20, 2009): Private believes he saw a flying orca while on a sugar high, and has to convince the others it was real.
  30. Tagged (August 21, 2009): While the penguins are being observed by a scientist the lemurs must prevent the furnace from exploding.
  31. What Goes Around (September 19, 2009): Rico gives up his doll to a girl whom has lost hers and Officer X attempts to exact his revenge.
  32. Mask of the Raccoon (September 19, 2009): The penguins figure out who has been stealing from the zoo animals and force him to do good deeds.
  33. Out of the Groove (October 09, 2009): Darla "steals" King Julien's dance for what he's done and he enlists the help of the penguins to get it back.
  34. Jungle Law (October 09, 2009): During a blackout, King Julien declares the zoo to be under “Jungle Law”, which means that the Central Park Zoo has now possibly become "the Central Park Jungle"; non-civillized chaos ensues.
  35. Truth Ache (Part of Operation: DVD Premiere and 1st aired on Nick: Oct. 12, 2009): When Private mistakes truth serum for a bottle of hot sauce, all the animals in the zoo get angry when he starts spilling all they have found out from Operation Sneaky-peek: the most top-secret operation.
  36. Huffin and Puffin (October 24, 2009): Hans, a puffin from Skipper's past and his arch-enemy from Denmark, returns and attempts to steal the penguins’ habitat.
  37. Snakehead! (October 27, 2009): The penguins battle with a giant fish terrorizing the ducks’ pond.
  38. Jiggles (October 27, 2009): Kowalski's latest creation goes on a rampage eating himself and King Julien.
  39. I Was a Penguin Zombie (October 31, 2009): The other penguins believe Skipper has become a zombie after breaking his wing.
  40. Sting Operation (November 1, 2009): The penguins use one of Kowalski’s inventions to become ignorant of pain, to remove a hornet nest from the zoo.
  41. All King, No Kingdom (November 14, 2009): King Julien banishes Maurice and Mort from his kingdom after a mishap with his throne, and he later gets separation anxiety. So the penguins reunite the lemurs.
  42. Untouchable (November 27, 2009): Barry starts taking advantage of the other zoo animals to do his bidding and Private must stop him alone.
  43. Over Phil (December 05, 2009): Mason gets tired of Phil's living habits so he goes to lives with the penguins. The penguins show Mason how much he and Phil need each other.
  44. Miss Understanding (January 02, 2010): When Alice announces to a tour group that there are three boy penguins and one girl penguin and a machine points him/her as the female, Skipper goes to Marlene for help with finding his/her inmost being.
  45. An Elephant Never Forgets (January 16, 2010): The penguins help Burt sneak out of the zoo to exact vague and non-specific revenge.
  46. Otter Things Have Happened (January 23, 2010): Kowalski attempts to use his new invention to find Marlene's ideal hook-up.
  47. Zoo Tube (January 23, 2010): The animals make a commercial to broadcast before a global TV channel is about to render their zoo and the others around the world obsolete.
  48. The Falcon and the Snow Job (February 14, 2010): Skipper falls in love with an injured falcon, a predator and threat amongst the zoo and park animals
  49. .The Penguin Stays In the Picture (February 06, 2010): Private becomes angry when Mort takes his place as cover-animal for the zoo brochure, prompting the gorillas to take Mort “out of the picture”.
  50. Command Crisis (Part of Operation: DVD Premiere and 1st aired on Nick: Feb. 14, 2010): Skipper informs everyone about The Big One, During their mission, Skipper starts acting like a news reporter. Now the Penguins have to complete the mission AND get Skipper back to normal.
  51. Dr. Blowhole's Revenge (February 15, 2010): When arch-nemesis, Dr Blowhole kidnaps King Julien and threatens to melt the Arctic Circle, the Penguins have to stop him, but they walk into a clever trap.

Season 2 (2010-2011)

  1. The Red Squirrel (March 13, 2010): The penguins find “America’s greatest penguin hero”, Buck Rockgut, and try to help him capture Penguin Enemy Number 1, The Red Squirrel.
  2. It's About Time (March 13, 2010): Kowalski travels back in time to stop himself from building a time machine.
  3. Gator Watch (March 15, 2010): The penguins attempt to relocate Roger after dining with him in the sewers.
  4. In The Line of Doody (March 15, 2010); The penguins protect the zoo commissioner from Frankie’s plan of revenge.
  5. Can't Touch This (June 19, 2010): After hearing some rumors, The penguins help Randy with his petting zoo problem.
  6. Hard Boiled Eggy ( June 19, 2010): The penguins try to convince Eggy that their paramilitary activities are too dangerous for him.
  7. The Lost Treasure of the Golden Squirrel (July 19, 2010): The penguins, the lemurs and Marlene race against the sewer rats to find the Lost Treasure of the Golden Squirrel.
  8. Fit to Print (July 19, 2010): When they realize their operation is at risk of being exposed the penguins head to an ad agency to destroy the incriminating evidence.
  9. Operation: Cooties (July 19, 2010): The penguins and King Julien believe Marlene has the cooties after overhearing school children.
  10. Mr. Tux (July 19, 2010): An armadillo from Private's past returns and demands that they play a game of mini-putt golf.
  11. Concrete Jungle Survival (July 19, 2010): Private desires a promotion so that he can read classified documents and is tasked with surviving a fight with a mysterious beast.
  12. Stop Bugging Me (September 4, 2010): The penguins help the “Broaches” out with their Exterminator X problem.
  13. Field Tripped (September 4, 2010): The penguins believe a boy is spying on them and attempt to retrieve his notebook.
  14. Badger Pride (September 4, 2010): Badgers arrive at the zoo and Private and Marlene makes friends with them until they threaten to rip Marlene limb-from-limb.
  15. Kaboom and Kabust (September 11, 2010): King Julien acts as an enabler for Rico’s unsateable blood-lust after Julien complains to Rico about a nearby billboard which he finds bothersome, which Rico enthusiastically destroys with lots of dynamite.
  16. The Helmet (September 11, 2010): After King Julien witnesses Kowalski using a new invention he steals it for himself, using it to his advantage.
  17. Night and Dazed (September 18, 2010): Private attempts to convince Leonard that the penguins are harmless when he lands in his habitat during an experiment.
  18. The Big Squeeze (September 18, 2010): An anaconda transfers to the Central Park Zoo and animals begin disappearing.
  19. Wishful Thinking (October 2, 2010): Private discovers that the fountain grants wishes when he tells Mort to make a wish by throwing a penny into the fountain.
  20. April Fools (October 2, 2010): King Julien finds out about April Fool's Day and makes up for all of the lost years by pranking the zoo animals.
  21. Hello, Dollface (October 9, 2010): The penguins install a voice chip in Rico's doll and he begins listening to it.
  22. Invention Intervention (October 16, 2010): Kowalski, banned from inventing by Skipper, secretly invents an amazing device he cannot take credit for.
  23. Cradle and All (October 16, 2010): The penguins try to return a baby after Private accidentally knocks it out of the zoo.
  24. Driven to the Brink (October 23, 2010): Rico takes their remote control car out for a spin and crashes it. After rebuilding it, it begins acting violently.
  25. Friend-in-a-Box (October 23, 2010): Mort finds a device that has game in it. He becomes addicted over it and obsesses it over the feet. Julien is mad cause he wants Mort to be obsessed over the feet so he can kick him.
  26. Work Order (November 6, 2010): A devoted Russian repairman comes dangerously close to destroying the world when repairing the penguins’ habitat.
  27. Hot Ice (November 6, 2010): Two thieves stash a jewel at the Central Park Zoo, and plan to find it, no matter who gets in their way.
  28. The All Nighter Before Christmas (December 12, 2010): The Zoosters prepare for an event at the zoo called "Kidmas", a christmas festival version of christmas for kids.
  29. Whispers and Coups (January 15, 2011): King Julien believes Maurice is plotting an overthrow and the penguins send him through basic training.
  30. Brush with Danger (January 15, 2011): Kowalski's blueprints for an invention which could destroy civilization end up on display in a museum.
  31. Love Hurts (February 12, 2011): Private begins sabotaging missions so he can spend more time with the zoo's nurse intern that he falls in love with.
  32. The Officer X Factor (February 12, 2011): The penguins come up with a plan to beat the heat wave which involves sending Alice on a cruise, but her temporary replacement turns out to be Officer X.
  33. Brain Drain (February 26, 2011): Kowalski's plan to increase his brain power backfires, and he begins messing up the penguins' mission to get more fish.
  34. Right Hand Man (February 26, 2011): A new lemur at the zoo becomes Julien's New Right hand man instead of Maurice due to him respecting Julien more than Maurice. Mort suspects Clemson of being evil.
  35. Danger Wears A Cape (March 19, 2011): After uncovering several comic books, Rico, Private, and Kowalski decide to become super heroes, but are they doing more bad then good?
  36. Operation: Break-Speare (March 19, 2011): A sleep deprived Skipper tries to negotiate a treaty with the lemurs, while Private begins secretly watching Shakespeare's plays in the park and reciting it, which makes Skipper think he is a traitor.
  37. Rat Fink (March 19, 2011): A simple plan to have Mort spy on the rats ends with King Julien and Skipper captured and the Central Park Zoo in danger.
  38. Kanga Management (March 19, 2011): After the penguins blew up Lenord's habitat, Alice transfers him to Joey habitat. The penguins tries to convice each other to get along.
  39. King Julien for a Day (March 26, 2011): To put an end the negative connection between King Julien and Skipper, they switch places for a day to understand each other more.
  40. Maurice at Peace (March 26, 2011): When Mason and Phil make all the other zoo animals believe, from a half-printed paper they found in Alice's office, that Maurice has a disease called "Ofu-Olosega" and he has twenty-four hours left to live before his death, the penguins must race against time to bring to him the cure for the disease, the Dendrobium Orchid, before tomorrow comes.
  41. Cute-Astrophe (April 2, 2011): Private becomes upset at Skipper when he begins abusing a new found ability of Private - being able to knock people out using his cuteness.
  42. Operation: Neighbor Swap (June 13, 2011): The penguins, annoyed by the lemur's constant music, plan to get them transferred, but things soon spiral out of control.
  43. All Tied Up With a Boa (June 14, 2011): The Penguins, Lemurs, and Marlene prepare defenses when an old foe escapes from the Hoboken Zoo seeking revenge. However, their old foe is more powerful than before.
  44. Rock-A-Bye Birdie(June 15, 2011): When Skipper is de-aged by one of the Kowalski's inventions, the other penguins must find a way to reverse its effects.
  45. Herring Impaired (June 16, 2011): When Private, Skipper and Kowalski eat herring that cause them to suffer from a brain disorder, it's up to Rico to stop them from eating any more fish or they'll stay like that forever!
  46. A Visit From Uncle Nigel (June 17, 2011): Private's Uncle Nigel visits them to be on a secret mission, to find and capture The Red Squirrel.
  47. The Hoboken Surprise (August 20, 2011): After a vacation to the Massachusetts coast goes wrong, the penguins find themselves at a surprisingly clean Hoboken Zoo, but something is clearly going on behind the scenes.
  48. The Return of the Revenge of Dr. Blowhole (September 9, 2011): Skipper, with the help of an old friend, must race back to the Central Park Zoo to save his teammates from the wrath of Dr. Blowhole.
  49. Pets Peeved (Spetember 24, 2011): When King Julien and Skipper are taken from the Central Park Zoo by the Vesuvius Twins and forced to fight each other, the rest of the penguins and lemurs team up to rescue them.
  50. Byte-Sized (September 24, 2011): Kowalski invents a group of tiny robots to fix things and protect the penguins, which eventually end up hindering them in their missions.
  51. Operation: Good Deed (October 8, 2011): After hearing a boy from a tour group about doing a good deed everyday, They go around the zoo to do a good deed that leads to other duties.
  52. When the Chips are Down (October 8, 2011): Private and Mort gets stuck in a vending machine, forcing the penguins and the lemurs to team up to find them
  53. Time Out (October 10, 2011): Kowalski’s invention that stops time falls into the worst hands possible, King Julien’s.
  54. Our Man in Grrfurjiclestan (October 10, 2011): While hunting the Red Squirrel across the globe, Special Agent Buck Rockgut contacts the penguins with a warning that the diabolical squirrel has a brainwashed sleeper agent among them, but is cut off before he could tell them who it is.
  55. Gut Instinct (October 10, 2011): The zoosters think King Julien has caused a sweet old lady, Gladys, to slip and hurt herself, thus cutting off the special treats she brings for them, but Skipper's never wrong gut says otherwise.
  56. I Know Why the Caged Bird Goes Insane (October 10, 2011): Kowalski's intention of attending the InvExpo gets spoiled when a billboard critically damages him leading him to stay in a nursery for a few weeks.
  57. The Big S.T.A.N.K. (November 26, 2011): Julien discover that the penguins constructed a gigantic toilet and gets infatuated with it, scheming to make it as his new throne but the toilet was really a trap in reality.
  58. Arch-Enemy (November 26, 2011): Private makes an enemy with a random snail, Dale because 'Private' stepped on him accidently all the time.
  59. Operation: Antarctica (January 16, 2012): Private forms a friendship with a young leopard seal pup named Hunter, who sets out to help her get back to Antarctica. This doesn't sits well with the other penguins cause Leopard seal is a penguin's predator, Naturally.
  60. The Big Move (January 16, 2012): The lemurs are told to keep a secret entrance to the park secret to others, but Julien soon tells every other animal about it and when Burt jacknifes in the tunnel and there's a photo op, the penguins must act fast.
  61. Endangerous Species (January 16, 2012): Kowalski attempts to bring a species of penguin back from extinction, but ends up cloning a dodo instead.
  62. Loathe at First Sight (February 11, 2012): In an effort to make Doris the dolphin wish to be more than just friends with him, Kowalski invents the "Love-u-Laser," a device designed to render the subject of a laser blast in love with a pre-selected target.
  63. The Trouble With Jiggles (February 11, 2012): When the other penguins discover that Jiggles is still alive, they start trying to destroy it, which causes no end of problems.
  64. Alienated (March 31, 2012): Lemmy comes back from Mars along with a Space Squid, who is mysteriously stealing objects from the zoo to communicate with its planet, and paralyzing the zoosters.
  65. The Most Dangerous Game Night (March 31, 2012): Marlene proposes a game night among the zoo animals, but things get out of hand when a search for party mix lands some animals in big trouble
  66. The Otter Woman (April 18, 2012): Distracted, Alice places too many chlorine tablets into Marlene's pond, which bleaches Marlene's fur white following a brief swim. When she goes for assistance, Kowalski incorrectly believes that she is a rare Arctic mink.
  67. Nighty Night Ninja (May 27, 2012): After watching a martial arts film with the penguins, Leonard starts sleepwalking in samurai fashion.
  68. Siege the Day (June 17, 2012): Private is tasked with babysitting Eggy and his siblings for Momma Duck while the rest of the team goes to a monster truck rally, but then ends up having to protect the ducklings from the combined forces of the hornets and the sewer rats.

Season 3 (2012-2013)

  1. Feline Fervor (April 17, 2012)
  2. Love Takes Flightless (April 17, 2012)
  3. Hair Apparent (April 17, 2012)
  4. Littlefoot (May 13, 2012)
  5. Smotherly Love (May 13, 2012)
  6. A Kipper for Skipper (June 3, 2012)
  7. High Moltage (June 3, 2012)
  8. Operation: Big Blue Marble (June 22, 2012)
  9. Action Reaction (June 29, 2012)
  10. Mental Hen (June 29, 2012)
  11. Thumb Drive (June 29, 2012)
  12. King Me (June 30, 2012)
  13. Operation: Lunacorn Apocalypse (August 30, 2012)
  14. Best Laid Plantains (September 02, 2012)
  15. Tunnel of Love (September 23, 2012)
  16. Operation: Swap-panzee (September 23, 2012)
  17. Nuts to You (October 10, 2012)
  18. Private and the Winky Factory (October 12, 2012)
  19. Night of the Vesuviuses (October 29, 2012)
  20. The Terror of Madagascar (October 31, 2012)
  21. Snowmageddon (April 28, 2013)
  22. P.E.L.T. (June 29, 2013)
  23. Private and the Winky Factory (June 29, 2013)
  24. Antics on Ice (May 30, 2012)
  25. Showdown on Fairway 18 (June 30, 2013)
  26. Best Foes (Augest 13, 2013)
  27. Skipper Makes Perfect (November 19, 2013)
  28. Marble Jarhead (November 19, 2013)
  29. Goodnight and Good Chuck (December 19, 2013)
  30. The Penguin Who Loved Me (December 19, 2013)



Taken from Wikipedia

Mary McNamara of the Los Angeles Times gave The Penguins of Madagascar a favorable review. She said that the show had strong comedic timing and action scenes, saying that it recalled both Wile E. Coyote cartoons and 1940s gangster movies. Tim Goodman's review in the San Francisco Chronicle is also favorable. He said that he considered the penguins and Julien as having the most comedic potential from the movies, with his review focusing on the voice actors' comedic timing, and said that the show also contained several jokes which would make it appealing to adults.

Brian Lowry of Variety described the show as "loud, exuberant and colorful" and praised its animation quality, but he did not think that it was funny and said that the show seemed more like a "merchandising bonanza".

Awards Won

Awards Associated with the Show
Year Association Catogory Nominee Result
2009 BAFTA International children's programming The Penguins of Madagascar WON
2010 Annie Awards Best Animated Television Production for Children The Penguins of Madagascar WON
Directing in a Television Production Bret Haaland (for "Launchtime") WON
BAFTA International children's programming The Penguins Of Madagascar WON
Daytime Emmy Awards Outstanding Special Class Animated Program Bob Schooley, Mark McCorkle, Bret Haaland, Dina Buteyn, Dean Hoff TIED
Golden Reel Awards Best Sound Editing: Television Animation Episode "What Goes Around" WON
2011 Best Sound Editing: Sound Effects, Foley, Dialogue and ADR Animation in Television Episode "The Lost Treasure of the Golden Squirrel WON
Daytime Emmy Awards Outstanding Achievement in Music Direction and Composition Adam Berry WON
Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Live Action and Animation James Lifton, Paulette Lifton, Dominick Certo, Ian Nyeste, Matt Hall, Lawrence Reyes WON
Outstanding Casting for an Animated Series or Special Meredith Layne WON
Outstanding Children's Animated Program Bob Schooley, Mark McCorkle, Bret Haaland, Chris Neuhahn, Dean Hoff, Dina Buteyn WON
Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program Danny Jacobs (for "King Julien") WON
Outstanding Writing in Animation Brandon Sawyer, Bill Motz, Bob Roth WON
BMI Film/TV Awards Cable Music Adam Berry WON
2012 Annie Awards Voice Acting in a Television Production Jeff Bennett (for "Kowalski") WON
Editing in Television Production Ted Machold, Jeff Adams, Doug Tiano, Bob Tomlin WON
Golden Reel Awards Best Sound Editing: Sound Effects, Foley, Dialogue and ADR Animation in Television Episode: "The Return of the Revenge of Dr. Blowhole" WON
Daytime Emmy Awards Outstanding Children's Animated Program Bret Haaland, Mark McCorkle, Bob Schooley, Nick Filippi, Chris Neuhahn, Ant Ward, Andrew Huebner WON
Outstanding Directing in an Animated Program David Knott, Shaun Cashman, Christo Stamboliev, Steve Loter, Lisa Schaffer WON
Outstanding Original Song – Children's and Animation Adam Berry, Brandon Sawyer (for "In the Happy Little Land of Hoboken Surprise") WON
Primetime Emmy Awards Outstanding Animated Program Episode: "The Return of the Revenge of Dr. Blowhole" WON