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After fleeing the kingdom in the submarine, exiled King Julien, Maurice and Pancho discover an unwanted visitor: Ted. Sage takes Clover to meet his guru whilst Koto makes everyone his slaves.



Since the events of the previous episode, Julien and Maurice have escaped with Pancho in the submarine. Heartbroken and sad, Julien is crying for his kingdom, hopeless. Maurice tells him to get it together, but Julien questions the point of this. Maurice tells him they must fight for his kingdom, but Julien says he cannot. Julien blames himself for letting Koto in for taking over the kingdom. Pancho requests to be king, thinking Julien is resigning. Julien says his kingdom already has a new king: Koto.

In the heat of the morning, Koto works the new prisoners to exhaustion. He tells them they are only unpaid interns, not slaves. He demands they build him a statue as a tribute to himself. While many are hopeless, Mort believes somebody will save them.

With Clover, she sits Sage down across from her and begins telling him her plan to take back the kingdom. However, she soon realizes he is not listening, instead fantasying about riding and raising butterflies with Clover. She snaps him out of it, and tells him she need his help to defeat Koto. However, Sage tells her this is impossible as they are a force too small to defeat him. He even says it is his fault because he "helped him". Clover gasps.

In the submarine, Maurice leads the others to a stash of food he and Pancho found. Julien is excited, only to find there is no food left. Maurice instantly blames Pancho. Pancho says that, instead of pointing fingers, they should come up with a plan and figure out how much food they have left. He also says cannibalism is an option.

With Clover, Sage begins his story. It turns out, he was first in line for the throne, but gave it up to be one with nature, and to become a colour. Clover is outraged, but Sage only adds he did not know which colour to be. Clover says he is only using this as an excuse to run away again. Sage responds that the conflicts of the world are none of his concern, but Clover begs him to help fix his mistakes. However, he runs away. Clover bolts after him.

In the kingdom, Mort is touching a picture of Julien's foot, which is illegal contraband. Willie busts him for this, and the mountain lemur captain takes it away. Mort cuts the loose and furiously attacks him, but an annoyed captain grabs him and tells him that he must follow his rules so long as Koto is living as he throws him to the ground, before leaving the hut. In his mind, Mort realizes he must kill Koto.

In the submarine, Julien and the others sit around two cans of food. Julien dies of hunger, that he suddenly steals and wolfs down the remaining food. He and Pancho fight over this food, and suddenly a low growl is heard. Maurice fearfully believes it is a monster coming to eat them.

With Clover and Sage, Clover has been tirelessly chasing him around, to no avail. She tells him heroes do not act this way. Minutes later, he plops down beside her. He says he never stated he was a hero, just a regular man. Clover says that he still made the mistake of letting Koto take over, and should be angry with himself. When he says he does not get angry, she begins punching him in hopes of making him angry.

In the submarine, Pancho arms Julien with a harpoon gun and tracking device, to shoot and track the monsters. Julien goes over there, before in a very stoic voice, strictly tells them that he is no longer king, he is now a lemur that he has nothing to lose now. He also tells them to make sure that they'll tell this word to the others in case if he won't survive, before opening the door. He shoots the harpoon gun, and it bounces off the walls before finally hitting something (from off-screen). Pancho says they now can locate the monster, and Julien starts out with Maurice to hunt the monster down.

In the kingdom, Koto's men bring him the picture of the foot, at which Koto laughs amusingly and flames the picture to the ground. Mort becomes both shocked and furious. Mort begins his assassination attempts. When neither poison, arrows, or a rock work, Mort gives in.

In the submarine, Julien and Maurice hunt the monster. Just as they think the tracking device is broken, the monster jumps out of nowhere and attacks Julien and Maurice, before taking very panicked Maurice. Julien is terrified, and retreats back to the main part of the submarine out of fear. When he gets there, he sees Pancho lying and leaning against the computer, motionless. Julien checks on him, but is horrified to see his unconscious body, looking dead, this causes him to shriek out in horror.

With Clover and Sage, Clover has exhausted herself after an afternoon of punching Sage. She falls into his arms, drained. He picks her up, and sets her gently on her feet. He explains to her that a real hero is not angry and aggressive, but instead changes the world through their heart. Clover says she would keep punching him if she were not so tired. Sage says a strange sentence, and Clover comments that no one has ever said that. Sage says his guru did, the guru that helped him after he left his old life behind. Clover asks where he is, and if he could help them. Sage says she must be ready to listen with her ears and not her fists. He also says this mountain on which he lives is far, and the journey will be hard and dangerous. Upon hearing this, Clover is interested and agrees to go.

At the kingdom, Mort is brought to Koto in a body cast. Koto tells Mort that his assassination attempts have been noticed by him and his guards. However, instead of killing him, Mort is made Koto's jester, as the attempts were feeble and laughable in Koto's eyes. Mort is surprised.

Back in the submarine, Julien is running away, while seeing ghosts of his kingdom's residents who are questioning why he abandoned them. Julien hears more groaning from the monster and decides to just face it. Julien addresses the beast, frightened. However, Maurice turns on the lights and tells Julien that the beast is only Ted in a dress. Ted apparently escaped to the submarine as well, and ate all the food. Pancho shows up as well, not dead, saying he was in a small food coma from eating too much food. Pancho also finds something on the radio. The group hears singing ladies, and Maurice says they must be near land. Julien orders Pancho to plot a course, claiming they found their new home.

In the kingdom, Koto orders Mort to dance for his amusement and laughs when Mort injures himself.

With Clover and Sage, they come across a mountain, and Clover questions if this is his guru's mountain. Sage stumbles before telling her the mountain is still incredibly far. Clover growls.

Back on the submarine, Julien sees the island on the periscope and says that he is pretty sure nothing bad will happen to them ever again.

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