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King Julien clones himself, but things take a turn for the worse when Morticus Khan, an evil warlord, unleashes an army of Morts on the kingdom.


King Julien has Timo build him a cloning machine. Timo activates it, and several different Juliens exit the machine. King Julien shows them to the rest of the kingdom, and starts to party.

A day later, King Juliens starts making more clones, the first of which is a female who keeps flirting with him throughout the episode. After realizing how perfect her feet are, Mort viciously attacks the controls by rubbing his butt cheeks on them. The portal opens up in the "Mort-verse" and Morticus Khan comes through. He summons the Mort Horde to attack the kingdom.

While the Morts eat their way across the Kingdom, Clover estimates that they have about half a day before the Morts arrive at the village and the Baobab Tree. Timo realizes that the only way to stop them is to get Smart Mort.

The team arrives at Mort's stump. They try to get him to drink the coffee, but he refuses. They try again by bribing him with their feet and they are successful.

Smart Mort tells them all that the cloning Machine is just a dimensional portal, which pulled all the various different Juliens out of their places in the Multi-verse. Pineapple gets his friend, Doctor Watermelon Bawkings, to explain what the Multi-verse is. Smart Mort tells them all that the feet are their only hope of ever defeating the army of Morts. Upon mentioning this, he turns back into Mort, but Timo gives him more coffee. Smart Mort tells Clover to raise an army to battle the Morts and Khan, while they build a blimp shaped like a foot

Clover rallies the lemurs and engages the Mort Horde and Morticus Khan in battle. Pineapple places a bet on the Horde, which Watermelon accepts. Just when the lemurs are defeated, King Julien, the other Juliens, Smart Mort, and Maurice arrive on the blimp. The Mort Horde is entranced by the sight of the foot and are led back into the Mort-verse.

Morticus Khan attacks King Julien and they both fall into the portal. Morticus prepares to destroy Julien once and for all by using his club, but Clover lowers Smart Mort down on a vine and rescues the king. Timo successfully closes the portal.

After defeating Morticus Khan, Julien has to return the other Juliens to their correct universes. Smart Mort reveals that there is one thing in the Multi-verse that must be, and that is that Mort must be dumb. With that, he turns back into regular Mort. Back with the fruits, Watermelon attacks Pineapple because he forgot his wallet after he lost the bet.

Meanwhile, in the Mort-verse, Morticus Khan swears his revenge on King Julien and all of Madagascar.

All Hail King Julien Season Four Episode Ten: The Wrath of Morticus Khan Full Episode

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