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While it is known that real penguins regurgitate fish to feed chicks, Rico seems to possess a talent for regurgitation of anything and everything the penguins might need, like explosives and other weapons, as well as many things they don't need, like anchors and fully inflated beach balls. He has an apparently limitless holding capacity in his gut - room enough to even hold a small elevator and a spiral staircase in All Choked Up.

As well as regurgitating things, Rico is sometimes shown (or referenced) to eat things he regurgitates later, and even occasionally used as a vacuum cleaner.

Season 0: Movies (etc...)

Episode Item Reason

A Christmas Caper

  • Dynamite Stick
  • Pepper Mints
  • Rico wanted to blow something - anything - up but Skipper held him back (it is seen later multiple times without being regurgitated but wasn't used until they blew down Nana's door).
  • To use as a weapon against Nana's pet dog.


  • Paper Clip
  • Cherry
  • To pick the lock on the penguins container.
  • To help disguise Private and fight the Fossa.

Merry Madagascar

  • N/A
  • N/A

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

  • N/A
  • N/A

YTV Shorts

  • Rubber mallet, A crowbar , Fanblades, snowglobe, anchor, ukulele, plunger, payphone, 10,000 ball bearings
  • Stick of dynamite
  • Car keys
  • To fix the car
  • To use it as a candle
  • To use more horsepower, after Skipper realizes what King Julien did

Madly Madagascar

  • N/A
  • N/A

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

  • Match
  • For the cannon, numerous times.

Penguins of Madagascar: The Movie

  • Private's Egg
  • Paper clip
  • cheezy dibble dust
  • Bag of cheezy dibbles
  • Medusa serum
  • Missile
  • Dave's Snow-globe Collection
  • Fireworks
  • Baseball mitt, dull knife, blowtorch, Key, grenade, Hacksaw, alarm clock, teddy bear
  • Fire
  • Triple A batteries
  • after escaping the leopard seals
  • after Skipper ordered him to break them out of a cage
  • in order to escape Dave
  • after Skipper orders him to give him a bag
  • After Classified mentioned the medusa serum
  • accidently, resulting in the North Wind's plane blowing up
  • while Skipper, Kowalski, and Private named off cities that Dave kidnapped penguin from.
  • when the penguins thought Private was rescued
  • items Rico regurgitate in an attempt to break out a of a cage in order to rescue private.
  • after eating a Ka-bob
  • to put in the remote for Dave's ray. The remote had low batteries.

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