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After realizing that Maurice's thumbs could prove to be very useful, the penguins recruit him into their team.


While trying to obtain food for the starving chameleons, the penguins discover that the zoo's food shed is secured by a newly installed thumbprint-scanning lock. Kowalski believes he can hack the system to allow the lock to accept any thumbprint, but they needed a thumb to take advantage of that, (Phil and Mason got tickets to fliger and Bada and Bing put their fingers on disgusting places) so Maurice is temporarily recruited to help the penguins gain access. Feeling useful and happy to be doing something other than serving Julien, Maurice wishes to then continue being with the penguins, and together they plan a future raid on a weapons lab. In the meantime, Maurice participates in various thumb-related activities with the penguins while Julien struggles in his kingdom without Maurice there to help him. When the night of the raid arrives, Julien and Mort sneak along and Julien, in effort to show Maurice how dangerous penguin missions can be, triggers the lab's alarm by placing his rear on the thumbprint scanner. The facility locks down and lasers begin firing at the intruders until Maurice uses a remote-controlled tank to destroy them. He then agrees to return home.