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Timo is a recurring character from All Hail King Julien and a supporting character in All Hail King Julien: Exiled.

Timo is normally the one King Julien comes to when he needs something, usually something to do with technology.

Timo 1st look.png

He makes his first appearance in the first movie when he rolls in a ball, freaking out when he mistakes Julien's speech for a fossa alarm.

In the series, Timo was first introduced in the episode He Blinded Me With Science of AHKJ. When King Julien thought his boombox was "dead", Timo fixed it much to Julien's happiness. Julien then took Timo back to the kingdom and showed him off to all the other lemurs. Throughout that episode, the kingdom began to use technology, which Timo provided.

He has invented lots of things, including the Mega Gecko, which eventually ended up going berserk throughout the kingdom.

Timo lives in the Cove of Wonders. Julien appoints him the position of "Royal Science Wizard".