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  • Todd, according to Tammy, was born with no lower jaw, making it a miracle that Todd has perfect teeth.
  • He is the only recurring child character on the show.
  • He is the first and currently only character to have a concrete age revealed in the show.
  • According to Tammy, she needs to put a lot of pressure on Todd and even threatens to put him up for adoption for motivation.
  • Throughout the show, It is implied that Todd is possessed by a demon as he often slips into a lifeless, robotic/entranced state when he's near his mother, and he'll only snap out of it if she yells his name, and that the face he makes before attacking heavily implies that he is possessed by a demon. Further evidence about his demonic nature is that at one point, Karl attempted to exercise Todd while the latter levitated and thrashed around violently, and in the episode "That Sinking Feeling" Tammy claims that the only way to stop Todd in this state of demonic possession without having her call his name is by stabbing him in the heart with a stake while a priest preforms an exorcism ritual.