For the episode, see True Bromance (Episode).

Momo, are you out there?
Are you scared and all alone?
"Good, I'm glad!" No, that's not right...
And I miss you, please come home.

Momo, how do I say this?
I'm lost without my friend.
Who dumped me for a bunch of rats!
I'm sorry, I did it again...

Oh Momo!
King Julien!
Save me from this abyss!
We're star-crossed brother from different mothers.
How did it come to this?

Oh Momo!
King Julien!
The kingdom feels empty now!
I miss my buddy, my pal, my compadre,
my life, my love, my lady!

(Wait, what lady?)

Express my emotions,
In ways that I can't do it verbally!

Oh Momo!
King Julien!
Don't let it end this way!
If I could see you one more time
"It's sorry" I would say...
Momo, you're my bro-mo...

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