True Bromance (Song)

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For the episode, see True Bromance (Episode).


Momo, are you out there?
Are you scared and all alone?
"Good, I'm glad!" No, that's not right...
And I miss you, please come home.

Momo, how do I say this?
I'm lost without my friend.
Who dumped me for a bunch of rats!
I'm sorry, I did it again...

Oh Momo!
King Julien!
Save me from this abyss!
We're star-crossed brothers from different mothers.
How did it come to this?

Oh Momo!
King Julien!
The kingdom feels empty now!
I miss my buddy, my pal, my compadre,
my life, my love, my lady!

(Wait, what lady?)

Express my emotions,
In ways that I can't do it verbally!

Oh Momo!
King Julien!
Don't let it end this way!
If I could see you one more time
"It's sorry" I would say...
Momo, you're my bro-mo...


Normal Font- King Julien

Underlined- Maurice

Bold Font- Both


King Julien and Maurice's friendship breaks because Maurice decides to help King Joey. Though King Julien states that he is happy to live without Mayrice, he looks at a picture of Maurice and him, were his tears blot the picture, causing Maurice to fade away. At this moment, Pineapple comes from Frankrilla and persuades Julien to share his emotions with Maurice with the help of a song. As a result, Julien and Maurice begin to sing the song.

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