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Rico gets some teenage beavers to fix a collapsing tunnel, but romance interferes with their work.


Rico accidentally regurgitates a bomb, which causes to start their tunnel (from The Big Move) to collapse. The penguins get the beavers to help fix the tunnel, but Becky and Stacy, excited to meet the beavers, sneak into the tunnel and spend a short time with beavers which causes them to stop working so hard. Needing someone who can solve this problem, Skipper calls Marlene, and the beavers fall in love with her as well. Soon, all seven of the family argue and fight, until the tunnel gets blocked due to all seven crashing into the tunnel walls. This causes the seven to team up as the badgers dig a tunnel to the other side of the wreck and the beavers finally get back to work. However, a big hole was left not repaired, which caused Burt's habitat to flood. However, Alice doesn't care and Burt is only happy.