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name: Emmy

species: black and white ruffed lemur (Varecia variegata)

age: way too old to be in the targeted audience of this

favorite character: Kowalski

favorite Madagascar medium: The Penguins of Madagascar, I'm actually mostly here for that, I have yet to educate myself more on other bits

favorite TPoM episode: Mask of the Racoon

favorite song: The Kowalski

favorite villain: Savio

results of Madagascar-related quizzes I've done (please do recommend if you know any)

What character are you? Mort (agreed, save for his prefered body part and his mental capacities; everything else is eerily accurate)

What penguin are you? Private (agreed as well)

What does Skipper think of you? He likes you. (er...well, it's far from mutual but at least I'm an enemy who hasn't attacked yet)

What does Rico think of you? He likes you. (YAAAAAAH ♥)

How much % King Julien are you? 50% (That much???? Oh well, I'll take it as a healthy amount of self-esteem and thank Sky Spirits it isn't more as he'd freak)

Which Madagascar character secretly hates you? Phil and Mason (I reckon Phil hates me for what annoys him about Mason and vice versa lol, but the descrtiption also said they'd, stuff at me so I'm out of here)

Which penguin is your boyfriend? Private (...literally the only one I don't see in that light at all; but then I feel the quiz for some reason assumes we're romantically attracted to people similar to us)

Whcih AHKJ character are you? Abner (Just why??? For being clumsy and confused a lot, maybe. But I love KJ!)


-I'm posting something funny because that's my coping mechanism for everything

-I'm posting something kind because Mort + Private ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

-I'm being opinionated because Truth Serum

-I'm trying to help someone, but don't judge, that's just how I am

Hurt Options:

Taking anything.