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After embarrassing Maurice, Julien tries to make up for his transgression, while Mort inadvertently joins an anti-King Julien group.



Julien and Mort are hidden, watching Maurice's dancing in the plane. Julien declares that the whole kingdom should see watch Maurice's dancing, and gathers a large group to watch from the windows. Maurice notices them and screams. Julien enters the plane, telling Maurice he has made loads of fans simply by letting his "freaky flag fly". Angered at Julien and the rest of group for laughing, Maurice storms out of the plane. Mort begins impersonating him and singing.

Mort continues his dancing outside, until he stumbles into Abner and Becca, who are painting "LALA" on a rock. When he asks them what they are doing, they pretend to be statues. He says he likes their art, and Becca replies that they are "beautifying the kingdom". Mort asks to help, and while Abner and Becca turn their backs to discuss this, he paints a large picture of the two holding paint brushes. The two decide to invite him to their "art club". Mort is thrilled.

At the plane, Julien asks Maurice why he is still angry. Maurice explains the obvious reason he is angry is because now everyone is laughing about his dancing. Julien says it cannot be that bad, but Maurice opens the door to reveal a group of lemurs outside, laughing heartily and imitating him. Julien asks what he can do to make better, but when Maurice says he could apologize, Julien says that would not be "kingly" and that his uncle did not apologize either. He calls for Masikura, who confirms that his uncle did not apologize, but is cut off by Julien before she can continue. When Maurice leaves, still angry, Masikura returns to tell Julien that apologies are what friendship builds on. Julien dismisses her.

Later, Julien and Clover look on as Timo reveals the "shame spiral" he just built. He says it will run the king through a number of "slapstick pratfalls", which will make him look like a "big dumb idiot" to earn Maurice's forgiveness. Clover hurriedly leaves, saying she must secure the perimeter. Maurice soon arrives, asking why the whole kingdom is present. Julien says they are probably waiting to see him embarrassed in front of the whole kingdom. When nothing happens, Julien repeats himself. Timo is seen frantically pushing buttons on his remote, but to no avail. Julien walks over, just when Timo discovers and fixes the problem. Suddenly, Maurice is plunged through the many courses of Timo's machine. He ends up covered in fruit by the end of the courses. Julien says not to laugh, but finds himself fighting to conceal his own laughter and claiming he is glad that wasn't him. Maurice, even angrier, hops away.

Evening falls, and Clover is seen on her perimeter duty. She finds the word "LALA" written on multiple trees, and is thrilled to have something to investigate.

At Abner and Becca's hideout, Mort paints a picture of a banana with a hand sticking up through it in the shape of a fist. Both Abner and Becca love it. Mort then asks for a snack, and the two bring out a can of dog food. Mort asks why they do not have any fruit, and Becca replies that they are up to their ears in pok-pok fruits. Mort devours a bowl of them, as Becca explains that they should not be forced to only eat food "the government says is safe and probably won't kill them". They say they rebel by eating the dog food instead. Mort agrees that this isn't right, and eagerly tries the dog food. He loves it. Abner and Becca decide that Mort is ready to hear the truth. The two tell him that they are really revolutionaries fighting against "the man". Mort agrees to join them. Becca decides they should make a larger version of Mort's "banana-hand" painting. Mort says he wants to share his painting with the world, before vomiting in Abner's face.

The next morning, Julien confides in Amelia the human skeleton, seeking advice about Maurice. He decides to not apologize to Maurice. Clover walks in, with a paint brush in her paws. She tells him she found it on perimeter duty, along with vandalism. She states that "LALA" is written everywhere. Just then, a group is heard chanting "LALA" outside. Clover rushes out to stop them. When they see her, they quickly run away. She chases them into a patch of cacti. Abner and Becca jump into the cacti, eager to escape Clover. When she eventually moves away, the two leap out in pain. Mort jumps down from his hiding spot, chanting "LALA". He accidentally pushes a rock, which pushes more cacti onto Abner and Becca.

Soon after, Clover appears at the spot where the group was protesting. She sniffs around for more evidence, but finds Maurice instead. Maurice explained that he is there because it is the only place he can go without getting laughed at. Ted quickly appears, laughing, but Clover scares him away. Clover then offers to listen to Maurice if he ever needs to talk about his feelings. However, when he begins to talk, she quickly grows bored and tells him to man up. She finds a new clue. Bending upside down to see the poster, she tastes a splatter of orange that she determines to be pok-pok fruit juice. Using her absolute knowledge of the kingdom's geography, she locates Abner and Becca's hideout under the largest pok-pok tree in the kingdom. She leaves the scene.

Meanwhile, Abner and Becca prepare a present for the king, a dangerous scorpion. Mort arrives, asking to deliver the package when they tell him it is for Julien. He eagerly runs away with the present.

Julien and Masikura watch Maurice from inside the plane. Julien asks what he can do besides apologize. Masikura asks why such a simple concept escapes him, and he says it is because his uncle never apologized during his reign. Masikura explains to Julien that he should strive to be better than his uncle, and Julien then believes that apologizing to Maurice will make him the best king ever. Suddenly, Mort knocks on the door, offering Julien his present. Julien decides to give the gift to Maurice as a peace offering.

At their hideout, Abner and Becca discuss ideas about what to do after Julien is gone. Just then, Clover busts in, telling them they are busted, and explaining how she knew it was them. After failed attempts to destroy the evidence, Clover pins Abner to a wall and demands he tell her everything. He does, and Clover says she can stop Julien from being hurt by the scorpian he was sent. The two then tell her she must decide between stopping them or saving the king. With some hesitation, Clover decides to save the king as the two are pretty harmless at the moment.

Maurice sits on a tree outside, and Julien joins him. Maurice asks if he only wants to make more fun out of him, but Julien says as a great king, he should have listened to his friend's feelings. With great difficulty, he finally says the words Maurice needs to hear, "I'm sorry." He even offers Maurice the gift that was given to him by Mort. Just as Maurice is about to open the gift, Clover crushes it down from above. After a thorough stomping, she opens it to reveal nothing. However, a scorpion can be seen crawling onto Julien's head. Just as Maurice questions why he was given an empty box, the scorpion moves into Julien's line of sight, scaring him. He screams and jumps around, flailing, until Clover tells him he is safe. When he continues panicking, Clover ignores him and Maurice begins to laugh.

Later that afternoon, Mort explains to Julien and Maurice about "the man" Abner and Becca are rebelling against. Julien says he would find this "man" and overthrow him. Maurice points out that "the man" may be a name for Julien himself. Julien dismisses this, just as Ted appears to laugh again at the two. Julien tells him to leave, and Mort begins to play the music that Maurice was dancing to in the beginning of the episode.

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