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The War of the Beasts was a war in All Hail King Julien that lasted for 15 episodes. The war was between the Kingdom of Madagascar and the Mountain Lemur Kingdom, with several other kingdoms and parties involved. The war resulted in the victory of the Kingdom of Madagascar after the death of the leader of the Mountain Lemurs, King Koto.


Maurice, the Chosen One

A long time before the war began, a chef in a French town was cooking food, when an accident happened. A wandering snail accidentally fell into a pot of garlic butter. The chef then tried eating the snail cooked in garlic butter and found that it tasted good. Seeing this opportunity, he began to intentionally cook snails in garlic butter, and it became popular around the place as a lot of people came to eat it, so much that it nearly drove snails into extinction.

However, because most people did not like the snails in garlic butter, a number of them were thrown away, letting the snails escape underground, led by their leader, The Great Jingle Jangle. They wore bells on top of themselves for protection and disguise.

The Great Jingle Jangle prophesied that there shall come to a time when an aye-aye lemur shall come to rescue them from the underground, marking the start to the War of the Beasts, and the snails shall engage in the battle overground.

In ancient aye-aye beliefs, it was said that every millennium a beautiful aye-aye child will be born, called the chosen one. The child shall then be carried around the kingdom square and rallied to the far end of the kingdom where it is left to be sacrificed to the Bell Gods in order to achieve prosperity among the people.

The first known chosen one was Maurice (then named Bricky), and he was left to be sacrificed to the Bell Gods. He was met with the Bell Gods (the snails) later upon falling down a deep hole. Terrified, he then ran away before being found and rescued by Prince Julien XIII, who brought him back to the kingdom with his family.

The snails still communicated with Maurice, however, through telepathic means.

King Koto's rise to the throne

The Mountain Lemur Kingdom.

During the reign of the Mountain Lemur King (unnamed), Sage Moondancer (birth-named Babak) was the next in line to the throne of the Mountain Lemur Kingdom. The advisors of the Mountain Lemur King warned him of the dangers of his second son, Koto, and how he should not be made king. However, Sage had no interest in becoming king and didn't want the crown.

When the king passed away, Sage did not take the throne and so it was passed down to his younger brother.


The Great Jingle Jangle's prophecy

When Maurice suffered from a presumed bell trauma, where he hears bells ringing in his head, he went to Club Moist to see Doctor S, seeking for medical help. He explained that he has vague memories of his encounter with the bells, and currently he keeps on hearing bells ringing in his head, not knowing that it was actually the snails communicating with him. As a result, Doctor S put him through a procedure to get him to stop hearing the bells, which stopped Maurice from hearing the snails.

In fear of the prophecy not being fulfilled, the snails arranged to get Maurice back, before they heard that Maurice has returned to the aye-aye kingdom encountering with the mountain lemurs at Bricardo's. The snails then declared the start of the war.

King Koto's campaign

After King Koto rose as the king, he put total focus on the kingdom's military and spend all the kingdom's resources on their army. Upon realising that they needed a war to actually have what they spend on to be worth it, they decided to conquer small kingdoms and areas within the Island of Madagascar.

King Koto declaring war on the Island of Madagascar.

Before they began, King Koto ventured around the island, looking for vulnerable places and scouting the area before they attack. He encountered King Julien XIII who helped him fight a snake before King Julien took Koto to his kingdom for shelter. King Koto then learned a lot about the kingdom and established ties with the kingdom as he told King Julien that he was the last of his kind. Sage warned King Julien of his younger brother, however, King Julien trusted King Koto over Sage and didn't believe his words.

After a long stay, King Koto announced his departure as he returned to the Mountain Lemur Kingdom, informing his people of the result of his scout. They then launched their conquest and began attacking the island.

Progress of the war

Mountain Lemur Kingdom's conquest of Madagascar

King Koto's Mountain Lemur army pillaging the Bricardo's tavern in the Aye-Aye Kingdom.

The Moutain Lemur army, under the lead of the Mountain Lemur Captain, attacked many places on the Island of Madagascar. The first kingdom they attacked was the defenceless Aye-Aye Kingdom. He managed to take over the entire kingdom almost without a fight, except when they encountered Maurice near the Bricardo's tavern. At first, they took him hostage, not knowing who Maurice is. Maurice then managed to free himself and engaged in a fight with the band of Mountain Lemur pillagers, before defeating them using his musk gland. The army fled away from the tavern, before King Julien XIII, Clover, and Prince Brodney arrive at the scene. Maurice's sister, Brosalind, then warned Prince Brodney about the mountain lemurs, and seeing this King Julien and Clover took the precaution to protect the Kingdom of Madagascar before the mountain lemurs reach their kingdom.

After the Aye-Aye Kingdom was under full control of the mountain lemurs, the aye-ayes took refuge in the Lemur Kingdom for safety while the kingdom plans on the best defence before the mountain lemurs come.

Refugees from the Rat Kingdom led by King Joey sought sanctuary in the Kingdom of Madagascar.

Meanwhile, the mountain lemurs have managed to conquer both the Crocodile Kingdom and then the Rat Kingdom, as their inhabitants sought refuge in the Kingdom of Madagascar as well.

King Julien XIII being captured by the mountain lemur army.

King Julien then had the kingdom build a wall around the kingdom to protect the place and people, designed to be strong enough against the mountain lemurs. Seeing this, King Koto took advantage of his close ties with King Julien to trick him into opening the gate of the walls for his army. When King Julien brought King Koto inside the kingdom walls, thinking that he might be running away from the Mountain Lemur army, King Koto took the chance to break the gate's locks and called in for his army as they occupied the kingdom.

They then took control of the entire kingdom and made it their base. They imprisoned the inhabitants. Julien and Maurice were supposed to be executed the next day while Clover was rescued from the kingdom by Sage.

Battle on execution day

King Joey commanding an army of rats against the mountain lemurs.

When the execution of Julien and Maurice was about to take place, Mort escaped the prison through a hole drilled underground, interfered and distracted the snake who was going to execute Julien and Maurice. This sparked the spirits of the prisoners who took arms and broke out of the prison, engaging in a battle with the Mountain Lemur army. With the lack of weapons and armour, the prisoners utilised what they have, namely the weapons of the fallen Mountain Lemur soldiers, as well as the aye-ayes as stink bombs.

Due to their lack of strength and coordination, however, the mountain lemurs managed to stop them easily, despite the minor setback they caused upon the army.

Seeing that they were losing, Pancho took Julien and Maurice to escape and flee the kingdom through the kingdom's submarine, while Ted also sneaks into the submarine without people noticing.

Submarine getaway

Siren Island.

Julien, Maurice, Pancho, and Ted all aboard the kingdom submarine fled to an unknown destination in hopes of recovering for a retaliation. Due to a lack of food, they had to save up on the food reserves they had and had to look for land. They eventually ended up on Siren Island and were greeted by the Sirens who were under the reign of Queen Crimson. The Sirens lavishly fed them food and provided shelter, until they eventually revealed that they were fattening the lemurs to be sacrificed to the Tentacle Beast so that he doesn't eat the Sirens. However, upon negotiating with the Tentacle Beast, Ted managed to convince him not to eat them and to no longer eat lemurs, thus also freeing the Sirens.

The Sirens then freed the four lemurs, as they embark on another mysterious journey before the submarine suffered from a malfunction and sunk in the middle of the sea. They were then rescued by the sharks who are seeking help from Julien to rescue their ruler, Lord Shark, who was captured by the dolphins. In exchange for the help, they promised an army to help them in the war.

Upon rescuing Lord Shark with the help of the Tentacle Beast, the sharks took Julien to an island of Russian space chimpanzees, where Julien met his old friend, Stanislav, and the leader of the chimps, Caesar. The Russian space chimps were at first not interested in joining the war, they instead wanted to go to Russia to pay their revenge against the humans there for sending them to space and dumping them on the island. So when they were building their blimp to fly to Russia, Pancho planted explosives in it and detonated it as they were in the middle of their flight to Russia. This caused the chimps to fall into the ocean water before the lemurs came to rescue them.

The Russian Space Chimpanzees promised to loyally serve Julien XIII during the war after he saved them from an accident.

As a sign of gratitude, Caesar agreed to join Julien in the war and they set off towards Madagascar on the blimp.

Attempted regicide and escape

After King Koto's army occupied the kingdom King Julien was exiled from the kingdom, he made the kingdom prisoners into unpaid interns. As a result of this, Mort decided to give the kingdom a bigger setback, and assassinate the king himself. However, after three attempts at killing King Koto, he failed during all times and ended up injuring himself. His actions did not go unnoticed by King Koto, however, instead of finding it as an act of treason, he found the actions funny, and took Mort as his royal jester.

Seeing this, Nurse Phantom took the chance to get information from the king's circle through Mort, since the king will not suspect a thing from him. Mort was instructed to listen to the conversations within the kingdom circle, and report of any important news. They later found out that King Koto was going to kill the prisoners once they've finished constructing the statue of King Koto.

As a result of this, Mort warned the entirety of the prisoners, as they plan an escape. It was then decided that the best way to do it was to find their way into the kingdom tool shed and dig their way out of the prison and kingdom, so they could fight from outside. This plan was later interrupted when Mort was found in the tool shed by the guards. When sent to King Koto, he was interrogated by the king who asked him what he was doing. Upon realising that the king's birthday was drawing near, he lied and said that he was planning a surprise play for the king's birthday, and was immediately granted access to the shed by King Koto himself.

The play entitled "Bort", directed by Mort, was made as a distraction while the prisoners dig a tunnel to freedom.

The prisoners began staging a play as a distraction while some of them got busy digging a tunnel to freedom. Mort as the director came up with a full-length play acted by almost all of the prisoners, while those who are not in need escaped through the hole.

Upon reaching the end of the tunnel, however, they realised that they were surrounded by the Mountain Lemur army, including King Koto himself, as it turned out that the Crocodile Kingdom was on King Koto's side after King Koto promised to marry Princess Amy of the Crocodile Kingdom in exchange of the Crocodile Ambassador's help.

This resulted in most of the prisoners getting recaptured except Mort who managed to escape and flee the place, with the help of Zora.

Encounter at the Mountain Lemur Kingdom

While the mountain lemurs occupied the kingdom, Clover and Sage sought help from Sage's guru, Jarsh-Jarsh, who lives atop a tall mountain, in search of the ultimate weapon which Jarsh-Jarsh was said to have. After a long journey to get there, and another to look for the ultimate weapon, Jarsh-Jarsh took the two on a series of lessons to train them. Together, they realised they are the ultimate weapon.

Upon their success, Sage took Clover to the Mountain Lemur Kingdom in search of the "lunchbox of time", which contained many things kept from Sage and King Koto's childhood. Sage wished to take the lunchbox with him to meet King Koto, so he could remind him of their old memories. This was in hopes that the Mountain Lemur king could change for the better.

As they were about to leave, however, King Koto and his army arrived at the kingdom, surrounding both Sage and Clover. Sage hoped to change King Koto by showing him the lunchbox, however, King Koto's feelings weren't even moved by the box and he resumed his capture of Sage and Clover, imprisoning them in an underground prison cell in the occupied Kingdom of Madagascar.

Gladiator ambush

Ted showing his faux foosa to Mary Ann so King Julien may join in with the gladiators.

After the Russian space chimps realised that the blimp explosion was the doing of the lemurs, Julien, Maurice, and Ted had to flee the blimp and ended up on an unknown island, while Pancho got stuck on the blimp still. They then discovered some foosa gladiators getting prepared for their performance at King Koto's wedding with Princess Amy, led by Mary Ann. Julien then came up with a plan to disguise as a foosa and join the gladiators to the royal wedding over on the island of Madagascar. To join in, Ted disguised as Colonel Theodore Sugarbottoms of Kentarkansas, a retired military officer, offering to Mary Ann a foosa named Fartacus, which was Julien and Maurice in disguise.

Having found out that they already had enough gladiators, they arranged to have the chosen foosas fight against themselves so that they are unfit to be gladiators. Upon this success, they sailed back towards the Island of Madagascar and stayed at the Arena for the night, for training the next day.

The training was managed by Uncle King Julien XII, who saw Julien, Maurice, and Ted through their disguises. He then put Julien and Maurice against the strongest foosa they have, Thrax, in hopes of killing Julien right then and there. However, things did not turn out as expected by Uncle King Julien when Julien and Maurice managed to defeat Thrax but despite their success, Maurice fell down the never-ending hole in the Arena by accident.

Karl then came to the scene, telling Julien that the accession of King Koto as ruler of the Island of Madagascar was part of his grand plan to take over the kingdom from Julien, however, the plan didn't work out when Julien ran away. Since he doesn't want to defeat King Koto and wanted to defeat Julien instead, Karl offered to help Julien in his plan to assassinate King Koto by supplying him with advanced weapons such as a laser gun, so that he may return to his throne and Karl may continue to be his arch-nemesis.

The Foosa Gladiator contingent marching into the wedding ceremony of King Koto and Princess Amy.

With the agreement of Uncle King Julien and Mary Ann, they headed towards the Kingdom of Madagascar where they shall execute their grand plan. Julien and Karl set off to kill King Koto by baiting him to the princess' hut with a love letter and detonating the hut, while Ted was sent to kidnap Princess Amy and put her away. When King Koto received the letter, he suspected that something was wrong, and so he took Clover with him to the hut. Upon seeing Clover with King Koto at the hut, Julien cancelled the attack and went on with another plan, to kill King Koto using a laser gun when he goes and checks the gladiator foosas.

This plan, however, also did not work out when Julien missed the target when shooting, attracting the attention of the guards and causing him and the entire team to be captured as well.

Fulfilment of The Great Jingle Jangle's prophecy

Upon falling down the never-ending hole in the Arena, Maurice fell unconscious and was found by the snails who provided shelter for him. When Maurice woke up, he thought that they were the Bell Gods due to the aye-aye beliefs, until when Ringo showed to him that they are actually snails, and explained of The Great Jingle Jangle's prophecy. At first, Maurice did not want to help the snails and wanted to get back to the kingdom to join in the war, however, upon being convinced by the snails he vowed to help them get back to the overground. The snails, under the command of Maurice, joined the war later upon coming out from the underground.

Mortverse confrontation

Mort, Mom-Bot, and Timo on the way to Hans' house to seek help in the war.

Upon escaping the kingdom, Mort eventually ended up at Timo's house, where they managed to get in contact with Julien through a radio signal transmitter device. Mort informed Julien, who was on the blimp at that time, regarding King Koto's newly found allegiance with the Crocodile Kingdom, and how he's about to marry the Crocodile Princess. However, the connection was later interrupted and they weren't able to communicate any longer. Mort, Timo, and Mom-Bot later went over to Hans' hut to seek help from the zombies, before venturing into the Mortverse to challenge Morticus Khan so that Mort could gain access to the Mort Horde to defeat King Koto.

Mort and Morticus Khan face off in a battle in Mortverse.

The Mort Horde bow to their new leader, as Mort defeats Morticus Khan in the brawl.

Mom-Bot was severely damaged during a fight with Morticus Khan, losing all her body and leaving only her head functioning afterwards. Mort then engaged with a fight with Morticus Khan but wasn't able to defeat him in hand-to-hand combat. This was until Mort realised that he could absorb Morticus' essence, and so after a long brawl, he finally managed to defeat Morticus Khan by absorbing his essence, becoming the new leader of the Mort Horde.

However, during the chaos of the fight, the multiverse portal was destroyed and has to be fixed, which requires the help of Smart Mort. But with no coffee available in the Mortverse, Mort had to travel into his own mind with the help of Mom-Bot to face Grammy Mort and retrieve Smart Mort to help them leave the Mortverse and join in the battle at Madagascar.

Battle of Booty Ridge

After Julien and his ambush team captured by the mountain lemurs, King Koto sentenced them, as well as Sage, to execution on the day of the royal wedding of King Koto and Princess Amy. Three days into the celebration, when Julien was just about to be executed using a complex torture and execution machine, Clover, in prison, managed to get in contact with Sage through their spiritual bond, and with her soul she joined Sage's body to form the ultimate weapon. They managed to break Julien free from the execution machine, as well as the other prisoners who were on the death sentence.

Having been disappointed with the upset and several buildups prior to that, the Crocodile Ambassador cancelled the wedding and broke their ties with the Mountain Lemur Kingdom as his army and delegates left the kingdom.

With no other choice, King Koto commanded his army to stand to, while Karl prepares the Karl-Star space station that is equipped with a laser cannon to fire at the mountain lemur army. However, the attempt failed when Julien accidentally clicks the wrong button on the command panel for the space station, which caused the space station to self-detonate instead.

The bell-armoured snails charge against the mountain lemur army.

King Koto's army began marching towards Julien, before reinforcements from the Mortverse led by Mort arrived at the site. At the same time, the snail army under the command of Maurice also arrived after digging out of the ground, while the Russian space chimpanzees came to help on a blimp. However, the blimp was later destroyed due to sabotage.

The snail army released the captured prisoners by breaking the barbed walls, as they took arms and began engaging in battle. Most of the lemurs grabbed any sharp wooden piece from the destroyed wall, while the rats fought barehandedly and the aye-aye used their musk glands as stink bombs. The Butterfly Kingdom eventually sent their forces to aid in the battle.

The Malagasy army retreated from the battle after being exhausted by the mountain lemur army.

The battle lasted till evening when Julien ordered that all armies retreat after they got too weak, with many of them being injured, as they hide and plan for their next, more arranged attack.

Final battle

The allied armies set camp near the Waterslide, where they set up huts and tents for shelter and recovery. Many among the army were injured during the Battle of Booty Ridge and were treated in a tent by the medical experts from the Kingdom of Madagascar.

Julien, Clover, Maurice, Mort, and Sage were the key leaders in the war. Together they discussed their plan in one of the huts. Maurice pointed out that despite the mountain lemurs have the strength of a well-trained army, their armies actually outnumber the mountain lemurs.

King Julien giving a speech to the Malagasy army the night before their attack on the mountain lemurs.

That night, the entirety of the allied army pledged their support and loyalty to King Julien as the one-true King of Madagascar. They moved towards the Mountain Lemur Kingdom the following day.

King Julien on the way to negotiate with King Koto by offering him to surrender and he shall leave the mountain lemurs in peace.

As their army surrounded the place, King Julien went first, mounted atop Mary Ann and armed with his keytar to negotiate with King Koto and offering him a chance to surrender and return to their original kingdom peacefully without a fight. However, King Koto rejected the offer, and so Julien called upon his army to charge upon their enemies.

They battled for a while before the mountain lemurs found themselves outnumbered and outpowered. The Mountain Lemur Captain called for the armies to retreat, as they fled away from the battlefield together with King Koto.

As the allied armies celebrated their victory, King Julien stepped forward and began addressing to the army with a victory speech, when suddenly King Koto came mounted on his hawk, swooped down and took King Julien away. Sage quickly reacted by calling his hawk and chasing King Koto to rescue King Julien. The two fought in the air together, before King Koto dropped King Julien off the hawk, but he was luckily caught by Clover.

The two brothers resumed fighting before they both fell to the ground on the battlefield, as Sage prepares to kill King Koto. However, on the advice of Clover, he didn't kill him and decided to let him live in exile, remembering all that he had done. As Sage leaves his brother, however, King Julien leans his arm on King Koto's statue, toppling it down and crushing him, killing him instantly.


The war has caused heavy damage to the affected areas and led to the death of a number of soldiers from both sides. Upon the death of King Koto, the war was declared officially over as the mountain lemurs have retreated and surrendered.

The Kingdom of Madagascar hosted a victory party on the night of their victory, lasting about three weeks, and it was said that the party caused more damage, higher casualties, and far greater destruction than the war itself. After the victory, the newly liberated people went their separate ways, back to their original homes and kingdoms to rebuild their kingdoms.

Reestablishment of the Mountain Lemur Kingdom

The Mountain Lemur Kingdom, despite being the one to conquer Madagascar, was one of the kingdoms which suffered the most during the war. With the original grounds of the kingdom burnt down, they had to find a new place to settle down.

As Sage, and later Clover, were crowned Rulers of the Mountain Lemur Kingdom, they were dedicated to finding a good place for them to re-establish their kingdom. After considering multiple territories, Sage decided to choose the location of the Old Kingdom. There, the Mountain Lemurs began to rebuild their nation and adjust to a peaceful lifestyle.

Rebuilding the Kingdom of Madagascar

The war changed the kingdom a lot. Not only did they go through an entire season of occupation by a foreign power, but even after they have regained their independence, they had a hard time getting the kingdom back together.

King Julien took this as an opportunity to rebuild the kingdom, and a chance to do everything again, only this time the right way, after learning from past mistakes. He announced the Julien 2.0 initiative, where he wanted to turn over a new leaf and become a better king, a new version of his own self.

Among the things in which he did was gathering anonymous opinions and suggestions from his people, from which he concluded that the people want their peace and safety back. King Julien introduced the Conflict-Free Life policy where nobody is allowed to judge anyone and everyone has to be treated the same, which allowed them to live peacefully without any conflict.

In response to a case where a citizen of the kingdom said a hurtful word to another citizen, King Julien introduced the victim horn, a product that is distributed to every citizen of the kingdom, where they could use whenever one says a hurtful word. This however later caused chaos and it was concluded that the citizens of Madagascar should respect their differences and live as they did before.