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Rico gives up his doll to a girl whom has lost hers and Officer X attempts to exact his revenge.


The zoo is closing for the day and everyone is leaving when a girl drops her doll. The penguins see this and try to launch it to her as she leaves, but it lands in the sewer. The girl files a lost toy report at the zoo office, but Alice refuses to find it.

The penguins make it their mission to get the girl her doll back. They come to the conclusion that searching for it in the sewers would take too long and notice that Rico's "girlfriend" is the exact same doll. They venture out to the city to find the apartment building where the little girl lives and leave Rico's doll at her front door. Rico has a hard time letting go but Private tells him that good things always come around in an attempt to cheer him up.

Rico stumbles across a can of sardines and thinks that it is payment for his good deed. However, it turns out to be a trap set by the overzealous animal control officer, Officer X, who had been called by the security of the apartment. He captures the penguins with a cage, but Rico regurgitates a stick of TNT. They blast through the concrete and land in the sewer. Unfortunately, Officer X's new van has laser drilling technology which allows him to follow them into the sewer.

They escape from the sewer with Officer X still hot on their tails. Rico has had enough and decides to fight Officer X's van, bullfighter style. Rico's distraction gives the other penguins the opportunity to swing in and loosen the lug-nuts on the van's wheels. The van is just about to hit Rico when the wheels fall off and it crashes. Officer X climbs out of the wreckage, further enraged as he loved the van.

The penguins decide that going through the park would be the best way to lose Officer X. He cuts them off so they go back to the sewer. However, Officer X cuts them off again, making Skipper question how much he's being paid. They notice a sewer line above Officer X's head and Rico cuts it with a chainsaw. Nothing happens as something is blocking the line. The doll the girl lost eventually shoots out of the pipe, hitting Officer X, and is followed by a stream of sewage.

At the HQ, Rico keeps the doll and they watch the news on TV about Officer X arrested after a "vandalism spree several city blocks". Skipper tells Private when you "let the world know who's boss, things just work out" and Rico sings happily to his new alike doll.


  • Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around Comes Around