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Private and Mort are stuck in a vending machine, forcing the penguins and the lemurs to team up to find them.


Private and Mort are trapped inside a vending machine after Private tries to help Mort procure a snack. After determining the two to be missing, the other penguins and Maurice begin to search for them; meanwhile, Julien watches an ad on TV in which a wacky professor named Professor Quimby Q. Qutiepie is peddling plush penguin and mouse lemur toys, and incorrectly believes the man to have Private and Mort in his possession. The five then pursue this professor and then realize their error. Throughout this, Private tries several methods of escaping from the vending machine, only for Mort to foul up each attempt; Private's frustration comes to a heated crescendo after Mort eats all the food. However, when the depleted inventory is noticed by Alice, Private and Mort escape as she restocks the machine.