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After Mort becomes the kingdoms hottest artist, Julien is plagued with jealousy and bans all art.


This episode begins with Julien inside his hut, howling that he has "killed Mort's art". Clover and Maurice are startled by the noise and burst in, only to find him covered in pomegranate juice. When Maurice tries to comfort him, Julien protests that he will never be okay because he is not an artist. He begins his story, saying that he wishes he could turn back time so that his obsession with art never started.

Julien's story begins with an art show, his idea to spark excitement in the kingdom. At the show, Julien reveals to Clover and Maurice his self portrait, a hideous piece featuring himself with tentacles for arms and a horse's body. Both are off put by the piece, but pretend to like it until they are interrupted by a crowd forming at one piece. They walk over, and are amazed at what they see: a highly detailed painting of Julien dressed in a suit. Julien loves it until he realizes Mort was the artist. As numerous people praise Mort, Julien tries to steal his spotlight but to no avail.

Later, in the plane, Julien is upset that his painting is not being recognized. Clover and Maurice attempt to comfort him, but he remains upset.

Julien continues his story: Mort begins having parties and is gaining popularity, he is doing interviews on Xixi's show, and is selling art at a rapid rate. Julien gets an idea that if he is to be successful in the "art world" he will need Mort's approval.

One night, Julien prepares to host a dinner for Mort, with the help of Clover and Maurice. He shows them his second painting, another disaster featuring Julien with tentacles for feet. Mort and his crew (Ted, Dorothy, Xixi, and Sage) arrive. Mort thrilled to have the approval of the king, and in his excitement begins to act strange. Ted is quick to excuse the group, claiming that they have to leave for their exclusive new gallery opening. Julien is upset that the group did not even see his new painting, and forms a plan. They will wear disguises and sneak the new painting into Mort's gallery.

At the gallery, Clover and Maurice create a distraction, allowing Julien to plant his new artwork. Finally, they call the attention of the public to the new painting, but the crowd is repulsed. Mort's only commentary is a mighty splash of projectile vomit on the piece. This sits well with the crowd, and they surround and praise Mort again. Feeling outdone by Mort again, Julien growls furiously and is filled with rage.

The next day, Julien declares art illegal, and demands the kingdom return all art to himself, much to the kingdom's anger and dismay. Maurice tries to convince Julien to reconsider, because the illegality of an art not only upsets the kingdom, but also breaks Mort's heart. Mort is seen crying; he reveals to Julien that he wants everyone to see Julien the way he sees him. Julien glares as he runs away crying. Just then, Ted and Dorothy accidentally let slip that they are running an illegal underground art trade. Julien is even more enraged, and demands that Clover round up any remaining pieces of art. Angry with his tone, Maurice insults him, saying his decree like his uncle's. Julien gets even more furious enough to sarcastically remarking to Maurice that his Uncle King Julien aged really well, he leaves in anger, leaving Maurice distressed.

Julien is pleased with this result until he notices posters advertising Mort's art. His anger and jealousy peaks, and he locks Mort inside his own home. Julien then sees every art, realizes his mistake, drops the pictures and looks at himself, feeling a bit remorseful and traumatized for imprisoning Mort out of sheer revenge and pure fury and jealousy. That night, after a bad dream, Julien takes a walk to clear his head. He stops when he sees yet more posters, but this time screams. He finally confesses that he "killed Mort's art". Julien drops poster, falls to his knees and starts crying in shame and guilt.

After Julien ends his story, he asks how the posters got there if Mort was locked inside his stump. He sulks. Maurice pats his back, and makes Clover do the same. However, just as she touches his back, her hand sticks there. After a struggle, Julien frees himself and deducts that her hand is covered in paste. Finally she confesses that she was the one who hung the posters, as what Julien was doing was unjust and cruel. Julien eventually realizes this, thinking he became Uncle King Julien, and Maurice tells him to apologize to Mort.

Julien finds Mort and apologizes, and announces he is making art legal again. Mort is thrilled with this, and happily hugs his king's feet.


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