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Wigman Wildebeest (pronounced: Vigman Wildebeast) is a character who appears in All Hail King Julien. He is an evil back-alley brawler who is responsible for the murder of Grandma Rose, Clover's grandmother.


Wigman only appears in Eye of the Clover as an antagonist. He is one of the participants in the Tournament of the Doomed, a series of death battles where the winner gets total respect. When Clover sees him there for the first time, she becomes totally traumatized and is rendered incapable of fighting. It is revealed in a flashback by Masikura that Wigman killed Grandma Rose in a back alley brawl, with Clover and Crimson watching.

Wigman feels ready to vanquish Clover just the same until Clover is reawakened from her catatonic state. She then proceeds to give Wigman the beating of a lifetime. He then falls to his death as penalty for losing the match. He is later shown to be in the afterlife, with Grandma Rose demanding a rematch as the episode ends. He later appears as a ghost on For Whom the Bell Gods Toll and The Day Before Tomorrow along with the others that King Julien 'killed'.


Wigman speaks with a German accent and is built tough. He can jump high distances and effortlessly toss around his opponents. He is large and resembles a bodybuilder.

Wigman is also an absolute sadist. He mercilessly brutalized Mort when all he did was ask where the bathroom is and mocked Clover for the death of her grandmother as they did battle. He also didn't seem to care that she was clearly unwell, meaning he's not above fighting dirty.

Fighting Style

Despite his muscled build and tough body, he is somewhat slow in combat, in the Episode Eye of the Clover He could not beat Clover due to her being the being more Agile fighter.

His finishing move consists of jumping in the air and then leaping downwards towards his victim, piercing them with his horns. This is how he killed Clover’s Grandma Rose.