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Zoe first appears in Feline Fervor, where she lives with the old lady, Gladys, in an apartment building. She pretends to act like a cat around Gladys, because that's what Gladys thinks she is. Since Gladys believes that she is a cat, she gets food on time instead of living on the streets, where it's hard to find food. She is introduced to Julien who, Gladys thinks, is a cat too. Julien is instantly smitten by her and puts on his best flirting skills. Zoe has no interest in him, and gets steadily annoyed while he's around, especially when he kept trying to kiss her, pushing her to making a Scratching Pole Catapult to launch him outside and then finally getting rid of him. That eventually fails, and she is instead launched outside, barely hanging on the building as the ground is far away. Julien tries to help, but instead makes her fall off the building. She is safely rescued by the penguins and Kowalski's Extend-o-Grab. Julien, after a long discussion with the others, leaves her presence and waves goodbye to her. Zoe is glad that things are back to normal and is happy to find out that she can have double the food since Gladys thinks Julien's still there.

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