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The animals make a commercial to broadcast before a global TV channel is about to render their zoo and the others around the world obsolete.


After waiting alone for visitors to come to the zoo, Skipper finds the other penguins watching the "Dumb Animal Channel" Rico discovered on TV. Skipper takes a peak at it, and he soon gets addicted, too. Marlene appears and tells the penguins to come quick and there is a rumor going around that the zoo is closing permanently.

The penguins and Marlene investigate and find a top secret dossier to see what is happening. Skipper tells all the other animals that without ticket-fined human visitors, their zoo is kaput and according to the dossier, committees are shipping them out along with the other animals from other zoos all over the world(, which include the ones from San Diego, Beijing and Hoboken,) on the next day, and he and the other penguins have got a plan to bring the humans back to their zoo. Mason pulls out a camera he took from the Lost and Found and Marlene suggests they make a commercial promoting the zoo to be broadcast all over New York City.

The penguins go and search for equipment they needed to broadcast. Meanwhile, Julien steals the position of director from Mason. Julien attempts to tell the animals to do exciting things, but fails.

When Skipper gets back, they start broadcasting. But Julien wants the signal to be broadcast more than the 45-mile radius it will travel, so he increases the power, causing it to break and making the satellite explode. He blames Maurice and Private thinks if the satellite is destroyed and all the animals think that all hope of saving the world's zoos is lost.

Julien Blames Maurice .png

Before just as the penguins are forced to destroy their HQ in order to protect their secrets, Alice opens the gates and visitors enter. It is revealed that the people all over the world were also addicted to the Dumb Animal Channel, and since the satellite carrying the show had been destroyed, it forces them to return to the zoos to see the animals.