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Zuba is the deuteragonist of Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa.


In the beginning of the film in a field, Zuba is trying to teach a young Alex (then known as "Alakay") how to fight, but the cub is too distracted by dancing. When Makunga challenges Zuba to another fight, Alex plays with a butterfly, then chases a rope out of the field, only to come face to face with poachers who lock him in a crate and drive off in their truck to who-knows-where to sell him. Zuba chases after the truck and tries to free his son, only to get part of his left ear shot off by one of the poachers. The crate with Alex tumbles into a river when the truck makes a sharp turn, causing him to float from Africa to New York City. Thinking that Alex is still on the vehicle, Zuba continues chasing. He eventually gives up and presumes his son dead. Years later, he reunites with Alex after the penguins crash the plane in Africa.

After many events in the movie (including Alex failing the rite of passage and shaming his family), Zuba finally accepts Alex for what he wants to be.


Zuba is a tall, middle-aged, muscular lion with wide chest and shoulders, brown mane, and tan body.

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